PM SESSION: Acrobatic grabs and PBU's

WITH JAMES RODGERS taking the rest of the night off, senior wideout Taylor Kavanaugh stepped in nicely at his spot for the remainder of the evening practice on Wednesday.

3rd Down Skelly:
Great coverage by Keaton Kristick -- stops a swing pass to Jacquizz Rodgers just short of the first down marker.

Sean Canfield then delivered a pass perhaps a little bit high, but Aaron Nichols was able to go up for the ball, bringing it in with an athletic grab.

Cornerback James Dockery had great coverage downfield on one play here, batting away a pass that was on target to hit freshman wideout Markus Wheaton right in the numbers -- a nice PBU by the junior corner.

With Zeke Sanders defending, redshirt freshman Geno Munoz went up for a Ryan Katz throw and reeled it in with an athletic grab, in a near carbon copy of Nichols' snare earlier in the the session.

Ryan Katz delivered a bullet to Casey Kjos, who was able to hang onto the ball despite a big hit from Jordan Poyer.

Redshirt freshman Josh LaGrone had some nice coverage on a later play, yet was a bit off balance when the throw was delivered -- Taylor Kavanaugh took full advantage and reeled it in.

Team 3rd Down Session:
Early in the session, Jacquizz Rodgers took a swing pass and outran S Josh LaGrone and LB Dwight Roberson to the edge to move the chains.

It was decent coverage by the younger LaGrone later on but the safety was just a hair behind junior tight end Brady Camp, and Canfield delivered a bullet and hit Camp dead solid on the play side.

Junior defensive end Gabe Miller teamed up to put heavy pressure on Canfield, forcing the quarterback to roll out and throw the ball away instead of trying to force a pass.

Canfield delivered a spot-on pass to Markus Wheaton, who then put a fast-twitch move on junior Suaesi Tuimaunei that rendered the safety in forced-to-scramble mode.

Tuimaunei came back strong on the next play, however.

With Tui pressing Wheaton and with tight coverage, Canfield was forced to loft one that sailed high and out of the receiver's grasp.

Anything else and it would have opened up the door to a possible pick.

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