DE KEVIN FRAHM: 'Total confidence'

CORVALLIS -- Oregon State DE Kevin Frahm has had an outstanding camp thus far, and BF.C sat down with the third year sophomore to get his thoughts on the d-line, defensive front seven, secondary -- well, just pretty much any and all things defense.

Q - The injury bug has hit Corvallis a bit. How are you feeling, and how is the defensive front seven as a unit doing health-wise?
A - I'm good, I'm good. I mean, I think everyone has their boo-boos. But we've been around this game long enough to know that stuff like that goes on and that we just have to take our time in the training room. I think all of us are 100 percent out here.

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Q - Who, among the young guys, has stepped up and impressed you, who do you think might have a chance to play this year?
A - At defensive end, I would definitely have to give it up to Gabe (Miller) -- coming from tight end and having to change his entire football mindset from being a tight end guy who does mostly blocking, to a defensive end who basically attacks. But Gabe has been doing really well. And I think Gabe's a natural fit there.

Q - For the 2008 season, the entire front seven had to be replaced. This year it's the secondary. Is there a comfort level knowing that a stout front seven may help pick up any slack for the defense?
A - I feel like since I came here back in 2007 people have always been talking about having to replace starters on the defense. Whether it was the great group that included Jeff VanOrsow, Dorian Smith, Allan Darlin--all of those guys -- or now having to replace Vic (Butler), Slade (Norris) and Keenan (Lewis) and all those guys. I guess I kind of take comfort in the fact that as a team, we have done this before and have great coaches, a great staff, that has been able to prepare us. I have total confidence in the secondary and I think that we're gonna be just fine.

Q - Watching you practice, you're very vocal. Does transforming into a leader on the field come easy?
A - Something that coach (Mark) Banker and coach Joe (Seumalo) have been talking about is having people create our defensive identity. And I think that as a defense, we play our best when we're calm, relaxed, just having a good time. So I'm just trying to keep things relaxed because that's how I play better.

Q - What do you see as the biggest hurdle for the defense this year?
A - I think that although (the secondary) might not have the game experience that our starters did last season, I think that they're extremely talented and I love those guys. As a defense, something that we've been trying to do to make up for that lack of game experience is really focusing on talking out stuff with a big emphasis on communication. We think that by doing all that communicating it will make up for our overall lack of game experience in general.

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