FALL CAMP DAY 10: Men in black

CORVALLIS -- From the defensive front seven to the defensive backs covering the back 40, Thursday was a day where the Oregon State defenders held the upper hand. Still, it was an offensive receiver who made the play of the day, and it certainly wasn't his first one this camp.

Skelly Session No. 2
Great coverage by Patrick Henderson here, who batted away a Sean Canfield pass that was sure to end up in the hands of senior wideout Damola Adeniji.

One play later, the senior cornerback disrupted a pass that looked destined for the hands of sophomore tight end Joe Halahuni.

Team Session No. 2
In the second team session of the afternoon, it was defensive domination for a majority of the time -- lots of pass break-ups and pressuring Canfield into making poor decisions.

It all started with the beastly combination of sophomore Kevin Frahm, junior Stephen Paea and senior Latu Moala, who "jailbreaked" into the backfield and chased the senior quarterback down for a "sack" and before he could throw it away.

With redshirt freshman Taylor Henry providing a strong pass rush, senior tight end John Reese had to resort to wily protection schemes -- he grabbed a big handful of the defensive end's jersey.

While Canfield was still able to get the pass off, the play surely would have been called back due to holding if referees were officiating.

A couple of plays later, sophomore safety Lance Mitchell and junior linebacker Keith Roberson both charged into the backfield, forcing Canfield to hang onto the ball for another sure sack.

Mitchell was not done in the session.

He read Canfield from the get-go on one play and stepped in front of the pass, intended for Jordan Bishop, coming away with the interception and taking off down the sideline.

All was not perfect on the play from the defensive perspective, however. As Mitchell proceeded to take it the other way, defensive coordinator Mark Banker shouted at the sophomore to tuck the ball away. Mitchell was "carrying it like a loaf of bread," according to a couple of practice spectators.

Red Zone Skelly
Tight secondary coverage continued in the red zone session, particularly on the part of junior cornerback James Dockery, who pressed Markus Wheaton in the end zone while still remaining in front of the wideout.

Dockery then picked off a Canfield pass that had virtually no chance of finding it's target.

A few plays later with the second team on the field, redshirt freshman quarterback Ryan Katz completed a precision pass against double coverage to Wheaton in the end zone.

Katz zipped the ball in between Poyer and freshman safety Dax Dilbeck for the touchdown.

Youngster's Session
The off day for the Beaver O continued with freshman quarterback Cody Vaz, who had problems with the center exchange and overthrew the outstretched hands of Halahuni.

Freshman cornerback Sean Martin later stepped in front of a Vaz pass intended for freshman wideout Garett Hall.

Martin came away with the interception easily.

Play of the Day
Just about two weeks into the fall camp and junior wideout Aaron Nichols has already come away with numerous highlight reel catches. And he added to his reel today.

Nichols got behind coverage by Tim Clark and Lance Mitchell and made a diving stab in the back of the end zone for six.

The acrobatic catch came off a play action feed from Canfield and produced many whoops and hollers from the sidelines on a day when the defense held the upper hand.

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