FALL CAMP DAY 11: Two headed monster

CORVALLIS -- With no James Rodgers, Marcus Wheaton or Darrell Catchings to contend with, the defense looked to have the upper hand from the get-go in team drills on Friday. Also, we focus in on the two headed monster at outside linebacker, Dwight Roberson and Keith Pankey.

Team Drills:
And three lethal receivers sidelined allowed a look at different first team personnel at said position. The pads continued popping, although nothing went to the ground, and the tempo seemed very upbeat and focused.

Coverage was shaky at times, often the receiver found a soft spot in the zone, floated well and was hit in the numbers by Sean Canfield, Ryan Katz or Peter Lalich.

AT THE WIL spot, Keith Pankey continued to show his strength, pass coverage skills and looked to be getting a bit more physical -- something that fans in cyberspace thought had been an '08 weakness and concern at such a high-impact position.

But Pankey flowed to the ball well on the back side today, using his tremendous speed to track down Jacquizz Rodgers who was waiting for a block.

Dwight Roberson, who provides the muscle as the co-starting outside 'backer opposite Keaton Kristick, was really reading run/pass well this morning -- and making quick decisions.

Roberson got outside quick on a toss sweep and although he was kicked out by a great block from a pulling lineman, he still redirected the flow of the play and forced Quizz inside -- where Roberson's black shirted companions were waiting.

WHAT IS PERHAPS most impressive -- and also mentioned by Kevin Frahm in Wednesday's BF.C interview -- is the constant verbalization by the defense on the offensive shifts and continued communication.

The defense seems to be on the same page, no matter what combination of players are in. For example..

Suaesi Tuimaunei saw something and called out an alert to corner Tim Clark. Sure enough, what Tuimaunei saw played out in the pass route and Clark jumped the route and nearly made a pick.

MIDDLE LINEBACKER David Pa'aluhi, who missed some early fall camp practices, remains stout in the middle.

The Hawaiian native bounced, read and reacted very well to a screen and was in Quizz' face as soon as he caught the ball. He's smart too, he didn't hit Quizz, even though the Beaver running back lowered his shoulder a few days ago and sent Pa'aluhi to the turf.

DOING HIS BEST Victor Butler impersonation, Ben Terry nearly ran down a play from the opposite side of the field. His speed is truly impressive, and the Beav offensive tackles are having a tough time stopping his speed rush.

Luckily, for quarterback Sean Canfield, this drill was not live. Otherwise, the unblocked Terry would have had a ramped-up clean shot on the lefty from his blind side on one occasion.

ON THE EDGE, Matt LaGrone continued his strong performance by beating Collin Kelly soundly, putting him on his back, penetrating the line and thus disrupting everything the offense was trying to do.

LaGrone a couple plays later engaged the tackle, worked his feet, scanned the backfield and shuffled down the line to pursue Jovan Stevenson.

Stevenson stopped on a dime and cut back along the line of scrimmage but LaGrone showed why he was a two sport athlete, tracking No. 19 down and wrapping him up with his enormous wing span.

Kevin Frahm doesn't mess around, and again put his forehead in the offensive lineman's chest, drove him three feet backwards and corralled Quizz.

Frahm nearly brought Quizz to the ground, but smartly released the Pac-10 offensive player of the year, then threw his hands in the air as to say "I didn't do it!"

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