FALL CAMP DAY 11: Extras Notebook

CORVALLIS -- The defense wasn't immune to Sean Canfield on Friday, the senior lefty had a field day early on in 7-on-7 skelly drills. And the question on Brandon Hardin coming in wasn't his raw speed, he has a truckload of it. Instead, how his raw athletic ability translated into the corner position was the matter at hand. Friday may have provided much of the answer..

Skelly Drills 7-on-7:
Sean Canfield was sharp to start. Linebackers weren't dropped back far enough in coverage. We won't go into detail but there was some great offensive schematics on display. At the same time, it's not like OSU is the only team running such routes.

Something that was lacking on Friday was proper spacing in zone drops by linebackers.

Pankey caught the brunt of d-coordinator Mark Banker's lecturing, at one point the d-coordinator commented, "VISION, VISION, VISION! Pank!"

Brandon Hardin looked solid in coverage and had great closing speed -- as Beaver Nation saw in punt coverage last season.

How his raw athletic ability translates into the corner position was the question many were curious to find out heading into fall camp.

Well, he looked to be doing pretty well Friday -- batting down a pass, showcasing his closing speed plus for good measure, showing an ability to read the quarterback's intentions.

Tim Clark, however, stole the show and was rock solid again -- something fans have come to expect from the senior, apparently ready for a breakout role.

Clark broke up numerous passes and looked very good in Pass-Co.

Short Yardage/Goal Line Drills:
Mentioned in previous reports by this writer -- the need for linebackers to honor the play action and read and react well.

Today, they looked great in short yardage situations. David Pa'aluhi froze, read the play fake and dropped right into a Taylor Kavanaugh route.

Pa'aluhi was in perfect position to make the play. (Must be noted -- A tip of the hat to Kavanaugh, who still made the catch.)

Patrick Henderson was fairly quiet this morning but on one occasion in short yard drills, planted his upfield foot, drove on a Canfield pass and separated ball from receiver.

Continued improvement from Henderson as camp has gone on -- good to see.

Lance Mitchell, as mentioned before, was back in action and looked good on goal line drills. Mitchell manned up tight ends and forced two incompletions.

On balance, all the Beaver defenders were engaging well. However, they still need to work on read-react, and getting to the ballcarrier a little better.

It's the difference between no gain, and a gain of three or four yards. Ball games are sometimes won and lost in the difference.

Overall the defense had a workmanlike day. Nothing too glamorous, and nothing glaringly bad. It also should be noted that it was very good to see what is the potential starting defensive lineup, all looking healthy and playing at full speed today.

Play Of The Day:
While in short yardage drills, Jacquizz Rodgers took a delayed hand off and revved up. Taylor Henry bolted into the backfield and had Quizz dead to rights. But Quizz added Henry to the "broken ankle club" on Friday, (along with Matt LaGrone from a few days back,) pulling off a cutback of epic proportions on Henry. Plenty of hoots and hollers by the Beavs watching from the sidelines followed.

Player Of The Day:
Matt LaGrone had a great day. He doesn't looked slowed any longer by his earlier wrist injury and was really making an impact off the edge in both the run and passing game. With Ben Terry and Kevin Frahm looking like the starters, and Gabe Miller continuing to impress, LaGrone perhaps makes the defense four deep at defensive end -- something Banker covets.

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