SCRIMMAGE ONE: Drives 11-16

CORVALLIS – Every time it seemed like the offense was about to find a rhythm in the latter stages of the first scrimmage, the Beaver D rose up and snatched it way. Rashaad Reynolds makes a pick as does Sean Martin. But when Martin sets off on a return, QB Cody Vaz tears out after him like a missile on a mission.

Drive 11: Ryan Katz
Ashton Jefferson makes a great run, stiff-arming a linebacker in the process.

But just as it looks a little brighter for the offense, Katz fumbles the snap and Kameron Krebs comes up with the lose ball.

Grant Enger makes a nice shoe string tackle to bring Krebs down.

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Drive: 12 QB: Ryan Katz
Jefferson makes another nice run and Markus Wheaton makes a nice grab to get a much needed first down for the offense.

Katz fumbles the snap again but manages to pick it up and run with it for a small gain.

The offense at this point is sloppy and not executing as well as they're capable.

Drive: 13 QB: Peter Lalich
Except for a decent run by Jefferson, a short lived series by the offense, with the end result a 4-and-out.

Drive: 14 QB: Peter Lalich
A 50-50 ball to Micah Hatfield is picked off by Rashaad Reynolds, who puts himself in a good position to intercept the pass.

Hatfield did do his best to make it an incompletion in the end, but Reynolds manages to hang on to it.

Drive 15: QB: Cody Vaz
Yet another fumbled snap – it's recovered by the QB but the timing is off and as Vaz tries to throw a deep pass, it hangs up in air for too long a time and Sean Martin comes up with it.

Martin has a cavalry in front of him on the return and it looks like a destined pick-6 -- until the Vaz makes an absolute cracker of a tackle along the sideline and knocks Martin out of bounds.

A gritty tackle by a true freshman QB. The crowd really loved that one.

Drive 16: QB: Jack Lomax
With a good run by Jordan Jenkins and a fine reception by Kevan Walker, the offense manages to get a first down inside the 10 yard line.

But the defense rises up and holds the offense to little or no gain on the next three running plays.

The offense tried to run the ball through a few different lanes but the defense rose up to the task.

Matt Barker came in on the fourth down and split the uprights for three points, but it's at best a moral victory for the offense.

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