FALL CAMP: Scrimmage reflections

CORVALLIS -- The Beaver D looked further along than at this point last year, but that may have been skewed -- it wasn't a great day for the QB's, o-line or offense in general. There are still 12 scheduled practices and at least one more scrimmage before Sept. 5 but an opportunity to establish some offensive consistency went begging. Jacquizz Rodgers sat out but the RB's in his stead did well.

The defensive line did a great job putting pressure on the QB's -- Kevin Frahm, Ben Terry, Matt LaGrone, Gabe Miller and others up front looked good.

While the stats may have ended up heavily in favor of the defense, it was a result of erratic play by the offense combined with the opportunistic play by the D, rather than something all of the defense's making.

While Ryan Katz managed to drive down for a couple of touchdown drives, he was a bit erratic towards the end with two fumbled snaps and a pick.

Peter Lalich failed to make a strong impression. It was ironic that QB's ended up stopping the pick returners on three different occasions.

The running back trio of Jordan Jenkins, Jovan Stevenson and Ashton Jefferson did a very good job running the ball.

They looked like solid backups to Jacquizz Rodgers.

Jordan Bishop and Marcus Wheaton showed signs of brilliance and promise, and some youthful mistakes.

Veterans Damola Adeniji and Casey Kjos showed crisp route running. Adeniji has a strong upper body and that really helps him create separation from the defensive backs.

Taylor Kavanaugh managed to get open a couple of times, but the QB's failed to find him.

What also impressed was the defensive blocking after an interception.

Every time, it looked like they had enough protection to take it all the way back. Also, they seemed to have better team chemistry around them -- there were hardly any broken coverages.

It was refreshing to see some solid tackling on special teams drills.

One of the Beaver gunners, Brandon Hardin, managed to get to the punt and kick-off returners downfield pretty fast.

Apart from the performance of the QB's, things looked as good or arguably better than what would be expected at this point. But the offense needs to find it in the coming days and that starts with the guy under center and the guys up front.

Of course, Quizz getting into his stance behind them can also change things up in a hurry.

Play of the day:
Cody Vaz' hit on Sean Martin along the sidelines after his pass was picked off by Martin. That was one wicked googily.

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