FALL CAMP DAY 13: Back at it in A.M. session

CORVALLIS -- Eager defenders in need of contact following a day off, Stephen Paea takes over a drill and a line outside the ticket booth--the season must be getting near. The first practice of the day also saw John Reese throw some solid blocks, Markus Wheaton sits one out while paperwork gets settled, Lyle Moevao and Sean Canfield get geared up plus more.

Students and families lined up at the south side Reser Stadium ticket booth to purchase single game tickets. About 50 people were standing in line this morning at 8:00 am. To the practice field...

Quarterback Lyle Moevao again participated in skelly drills only and sat out any team drills involving throwing. Moevao did, however, extend himself during individual drills tossing the ball with Sean Canfield about 35 yards apart.

Moevao had good arc on the ball and seems to be coming along well in terms of arm strength.

Former offensive guard Ryan Pohl has moved inside to center and was working on shotgun snaps along with starter Alex Linnenkohl, the other centers and quarterbacks. Pohl started two games in 2006 and saw time in three last season. He has the ability to play any position on the line and his presence should only create better depth along the offensive line.

Brennan Olander was walking without such an obvious limp, Jovan Stevenson was out with an aggravated Achilles tendon and Howard Croom was running sprints, but again not suited up.

Markus Wheaton was not an action due to issues with the NCAA Clearinghouse. OSU Sports Information Director Steve Fenk said that it was a matter of red tape and pushing paperwork--nothing to be alarmed about and Wheaton should be able to go in the next day or two.

Kickers were working on onside kicks. Not something seen from OSU recently, but certainly the Beavs have been on the receiving end a few times in recent years.

Special teams was focused on kick coverage, the drill was not live but the players seemed to stay in their respective lanes and the coaches expressed their approval.

In The Trenches:
The drill began positively for the offense and then shifted, with the defense getting the upper hand towards the end. The offensive line's first team -- LT Michael Philipp, LG Grant Johnson, C Alex Linnenkohl, RG Gregg Peat and RT Mike Remmers.

The o-line got good push off the ball initially, but fast filling linebackers squared up the ball carrier and more often than not erased any hope for positive yards.

Tight end John Reese laid a teeth rattler of a block, echoing through Prothro Field, with Matt LaGrone the recipient. The play looked destined to hit, with Reese's block on the edge, but Keaton Kristick shuffled down the line of scrimmage and exploded up field to meet Jacquizz Rodgers in the hole.

Reese looks like he's put on some muscle from last season and is really becoming a physical presence in the run game -- a welcoming sight with the inexperienced and/or young tackles.

Keo Camat, who had a long interception return in Saturday's scrimmage, continues to warrant "I see you Keo!" responses from fellow defenders. Jordan Jenkins looked like he'd bust through a well opened hole, until Camat squatted inside and went chest up with him.

Stephen Paea then took over the drill -- he was a constant in the backfield. It's as if the Tongan Terror can just flip a switch and single-handedly ruin any hope for a run game.

Paea slanted on one play, taking Gregg Peat five yards backwards and smashing into Quizz for what would have been loss had the drill been live.

DE Gabe Miller looked good again with a good speed rush around the edge. Miller stays low, and is becoming an effective defensive end.

While the big bodies banged around, the "skill players" again worked 1-on-1 drills. Defensive backs had collectively good coverage on the shorter stuff, showing good ability to plant and drive on the throw. Many of the short passes were broken up.

Other passes went 50/50 with break ups and receptions. Aaron Nichols went up high for the best catch of the segment, twisting his body and fully extending his arms.

Jordan Bishop showed off tremendous body control when in the air. Bishop seemed to jump early on the Cody Vaz fed pass, but shifted his body just enough to haul it in.

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