FALL CAMP DAY 13: A.M. Extras Notebook

CORVALLIS -- Quizz shouts touchdown and also finds the turf, Patrick Henderson and James Dockery continue to duel at corner, Sean Canfield throws a picture perfect long ball to Damola Adeniji and former Beavers were making appearances on the sideline plus the player of the day.

Short Yardage/Goal Line:
Sean Canfield checked off and Jacquizz Rodgers shot through the line untouched and was 15 yards up field before anyone noticed. "Touchdown!" he shouted.

Patrick Henderson and James Dockery broke up passes nicely. There's apparently still no clear cut starter at the second corner position opposite Tim Clark, both Hendu and Doc have had their ups and downs in camp and it will probably continue to be a rotation in practice until one clearly separates himself from the other.

First play of goal-line drills with the offense coming out of the end zone was a run. Stephen Paea and Co. got a great push and a 10 player pile resulted in a safety, with every defender with a free set of hands signaling as such.

The next play, Canfield eyed a route and 'backer Keith Pankey jumped it. But Canfield had planned it that way, and came back to his check route, finding James Rodgers for a first down.

All day, defenders were hitting about as hard as they were allowed without knocking the offensive player to the ground. It's apparent that the men in black are eager to strap it up and hit someone, especially someone with a different color jersey.

LB David Pa'aluhi broke up a pass intended for the much taller Brady Camp. Great defensive play, and it would have resulted in a touchdown.

Quizz took a handoff straight up the middle, Pa'aluhi wrapped him up and tripped, bringing Quizz to the ground. Coach Mike Riley looked shot out of a cannon, letting everyone know not to go full contact. Quizz was pulled and didn't get anymore reps. He smiled and bowed out graciously.

Play Of The Day:
There wasn't an abundance of highlight reel type plays this morning. However, Canfield dropped back and was given tremendous time by his line on one occasion. Damola Adeniji was streaking downfield with a defender in his hip pocket. Canfield checked off his first option and delivered a majestic rainbow that dropped perfectly over the wideout's shoulder. Even with great coverage, Damola brought it in and tumbled to the ground along with the defender -- and 45 yards downfield.

Player Of The Day:
Gabe Miller has continued to progress and looks to be making a strong case for time in the defensive rotation.

Yvenson Bernard and Alexis Serna were roaming the sidelines Monday morning. Bernard is with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League just came off of a 100-plus yard performance. He has the week off thanks to a BYE. Serna is also with

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