FALL CAMP DAY 13: Philipp bright at night

CORVALLIS -- The lights of Reser were turned on for Monday night's shoulder pads and helmets only practice. Michael Philipp continues to work on his craft, Sean Canfield ramps up the accuracy, Michael Lamb is blocking 20 yards downfield, Jordan Bishop continues to make a case for playing time and more.

Specialists littered the Reser turf and were spread every which-way. Punts were flying through the air, finding homes in the arms of Taylor Kavanaugh and James Rodgers. Rodgers is new to the position and looked very comfortable receiving the Johnny Hekker booms.

Heavy emphasis on kick returns this evening which had James Rodgers, Patrick Henderson, Jordan Bishop, and Jacquizz Rodgers taking all the reps. Matt Barker showed a strong leg, albeit aided by a strong wind. The ball sailed through the back of the end zone on multiple occasions.

The session ended with accurate Justin Kahut field goals which went into the wind. Kahut struck the ball solidly and had good height and distance. Kahut has been nursing a sore hip-flexor for a while now and hadn't extended himself much past 30 yards.

But on Monday Kahut lined up for a 44 yarder and it would have been good from 50 -- again, into the wind. Kahut went 4-for-5 in the session.

Red Ball:
After the mandatory individual drills which remain focused on defensive footwork and quarterback to receiver warm ups, the fast paced Red Ball drill was in effect.

1st Team - Michael Philipp looked like the four star recruit fans have read about. Philipp took DE Kevin Frahm mano-a-mano two times in a row and looked like the veteran against the more experienced Frahm. Philipp remained solid throughout the first team's march down the field.

The offensive line performed very well here, giving QB Sean Canfield plenty of time to deliver the ball. The pocket formed well around the tall lefty and Canfield found his target time and time again.

Canfield did however struggle a bit with getting rid of the ball on deeper routes on Friday.

2nd Team - Great effort from Jesuit product Michael Lamb -- he engaged with the defensive lineman holding him up just enough, then continued to the next level and lead the way for running back Jordan Jenkins to pick up a nice gain.

Lamb finished the play out of bounds, engaged on a defender, about 20 yards downfield.

Ryan Katz remains sharp when given time. Katz dropped back, felt pressure, stepped up into the pocket and delivered a strike to Aaron Nichols running a deep route. Nichols dropped the ball, something very uncharacteristic of the junior this fall camp.

Pushing for starting time in the slot is redshirt freshman Jordan Bishop and he had the play of the day, for a while at least. Bishop broke his route and Katz rifled the ball in between two converging defenders. Bishop dove horizontal and caught the bullet from Katz, arms fully extended. Great strength from Bishop, great hands.

3rd Team - Quite a work in progress, but some positives from the young skilled players. The offensive line had it's troubles protecting the quarterback. The defense would have recorded multiple sacks, however QB's were freed to throw the ball and get their looks.

Timi Oshinowo--projected starter at right tackle before injuring his knee this spring--taught up the young lineman. Oshinowo has been active in the teaching process in fall camp. Good to see he's still focused even with his return date months away.

Peter Lalich had a tough day with defenders in his face on practically every snap. Lalich did, however deliver a beautiful deep ball to a streaking Bishop, who ran under the ball perfectly and caught the ball with two feet in the back corner of the end zone.

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