FALL CAMP DAY 13: DT's rising in the P.M.

CORVALLIS -- As receiver continues to sort itself out with Darrell Catchings expected out for the opener, Aaron Nichols got first team turns on Monday night. The offensive line had played stout during red ball but the Beaver d-line looked to turn the tables in team drills -- and Stephen Paea, Latu Moala and Castro Masaniai brought with them a surge the second half of practice.

Team Drills:
Aaron Nichols was again getting considerable time with the ones in the evening session.

Meanwhile, James Rodgers, Casey Kjos, Damola Adeniji and Jordan Bishop remain the top targets for Sean Canfield.

In a change to how the red ball drill went, Canfield and his line had a heck of a time executing their primary goal. Canfield was forced to dump the ball off late to his outlet where defenders waited and wrapped up the back/receiver immediately.

One thing to keep in mind is the coaches have, for all these drills, specific functions and goals. If some instances, if things were instead live on Saturday afternoon, Canfield might take off on occasion, look to throw on the run or tuck it up and head downfield. And that could change both the dynamic and the end result of the play.

Instead, for the most part, here in the middle of fall camp, Canfield is going to stand in the pocket regardless on some plays -- it might look to observers he's waiting too long, when it's actually by design. That said, the offense has not been executing to their potential over the last few practice sessions.

Back to the action. Tight end Joe Halahuni missed an assignment on a blitzing backer, Keo Camat, who had Ryan Katz dead to rights. Katz checked up and threw the ball to Halahuni, hitting him in the back of the calf. Halahuni caught an earful from offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf, the latter who remains decked out in a John Olerud-esque helmet.

Stephen Paea, Latu Moala, and Castro Masaniai had a field day the second half of practice.

The trio were in the backfield at will.

The defensive tackle position on Friday night was the strongest point on the black shirt defense.

Tim Clark added yet another pass break-up to his continually growing list. Clark has been praised for the moxie with which he plays, and Monday and over the full of fall camp, looks to have the game to match.

Canfield was given time by the big bodies up front on one occasion and found Damola Adeniji, hitting him deep and in stride.

Damola showed good break away speed, something he's not known for. The defender may have let up as the pass fell into the wideout's hands but nonetheless, good protection, good throw, good acceleration and good catch.

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