DAY 15: Dockery grabs morning spotlight

CORVALLIS -- Cornerback James Dockery steals the spotlight with several pass break-ups, Jacquizz and James Rodgers play tag -- against 11 defenders, the second and third team offensive line blast some holes, plus pushups were on the line with a corner and receiver going mano-a-mano. This and more from Tuesday morning's full pad practice.

The special teams emphasis was on crunch time, end-of-game kick return. Matt Barker squibbed, on-sided and pooched kicks to give returners James Rodgers and Jacquizz Rodgers different looks as if the game's final play would be played out.

Quon and Quizz did their best to both be creative and to avoid defenders, and their best is really good.

One play lasted about 30 seconds, where no defender touched either Rodgers brother.

They did however drive the two back inside the five yard line so, no ground was given, just entertaining as all get-out to watch 11 defenders grasping at air.

In the secondary, Brandon Hardin remains out, but didn't have a visible limp like yesterday. Lance Mitchell suited up, but was seen later with ice around his leg icing what perhaps is an aggravated hamstring which he's been dealing with for a while now.

DB/WR 1-on-1:
As the big boys set off for their daily in the trenches drills, defensive backs worked on shedding blocks and flowing to the ball carrier. Of importance, keeping their eyes up and staying engaged with the blocking wideout.

Activity soon turned to the familiar 1-on-1 drill. Sean McGarity started the session off with a tremendous over the shoulder, a one handed grab. Sean Martin was beat on the play and the ball was delivered by Sean Canfield where only McGarity could catch it.

Martin (5-11, 175) hails from Corona, Calif., where he was an offensive and defensive standout. Martin has a lean athletic frame and has been impressive working with the youngsters. And he's had his moments when he's sprinkled in with the veterans.

But it was James Dockery who started this day on fire, and he would finish the same way.

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Dockery, in a battle with Patrick Henderson for the remaining starting corner position on the right side opposite LCB Tim Clark, impressed mightily today with his sticky coverage and several knock downs.

Not to say that Dockery didn't get beat once or twice -- Aaron Nichols broke off a route and left Doc in the dust, a touchdown ensued and "Good route…good route" is all Doc could say. But he came back strong the next play, exactly what you want a corner to be able to do.

Meanwhile, James Rodgers proved he's virtually impossible to bump at the line of scrimmage.

Quon is so quick, defenders have trouble recovering after their attempted bump and run coverage turns into miss and trail coverage. Rodgers caught a few touchdowns from Ryan Katz and Canfield in the morning session.

The 1-on-1 session ended with Damola Adeniji going against Dockery. Before the snap, secondary coach Keith Heyward announced that push-ups were riding in this final play.

Adeniji stutter stepped at the line as Dockery jammed him, Adeniji continued up the sideline with great coverage from Doc. The ball was delivered a little short, and Adeniji attempted to go over Dockery's back with no success. The ball hit the turf and the whole offense assumed the push up position.

In the trenches, good give and take. Mike Riley has given all but official notice true frosh Michael Philipp will start -- to absolutely no one's surprise who's followed the Beavs over the past few months and in training camp -- and the offensive line looked on point as they did yesterday, yet the brute strength of the interior defensive line made their presence known as well.

The second and third team offensive line had been struggling—to put it lightly—but created lanes on Wednesday morning for the shifty Rodgers and Jovan Stevenson to jet through.

Jacquizz and Jovan ran hard during this drill, a good sign from the true freshman Stevenson, who doesn't have the physical presence of Quizz in terms of strength.

BF.C will be back with more a little later on.

Oregon State sports information director Steve Fenk issued an update on the fall camp schedule -- No scrimmage on Saturday, there will be a 10:45 a.m. practice instead.

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