DAY 15: Of Texas Bricks and more

CORVALLIS -- Sean Canfield heats up in skelly, Ryan Katz puts some mustard on the ball and later the offensive line builds on recent days' success in team drills. Wednesday's session also reinforces the notion James Rodgers is strong and fast, while Quizz is a Texas Brick in his own right. Damola Adeniji continues to make plays, while Dwight Roberson continues strong in the run game plus more.

Skelly Drills:
On the first play from scrimmage, James Rodgers spotted up downfield and Sean Canfield hit him square in the chest. Despite a quickly closing James Dockery, who had great position and a hand on the ball, Rodgers showed his strength and ripped the ball away to secure the completion.

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In skeleton drills, so named because there are no linemen on either side of the ball, Sean Canfield looks like an NFL caliber quarterback, and he did again today. In the 7-on-7's, Canfield was reading quickly and releasing the ball in a timely fashion on target. Canfield found Damola Adeniji and James Rodgers numerous times and had Tim Clark trying to count how many passes were coming his way.

Ryan Katz stepped in and picked up where Canfield left off, delivering two touch passes to the back and corner of the end zone that found Jordan Bishop for scores.

Katz then rifled the ball towards the post and Casey Kjos came out of nowhere to snatch the ball out of the air in full extension.

Kjos continues to make the difficult catch and has looked a legit blocker on the edge. It's truly fun to watch Jordan Bishop and Kjos battling for playing time and either way, OSU should have great targets at the slot position.

Katz did, however throw one ill-advised pass that was nowhere near the receiver. Jordan Poyer didn't move an inch and pulled down the interception. O-coordinator Danny Langsdorf asked Katz, "What was that?" to which Katz had no answer.

Peter Lalich got his turn at it and looked a bit off. Lalich has a rifle arm and has at times had trouble harnessing both pace and accuracy.

Team Drills:
Early focus was on the offensive line. With linebackers blitzing, they held their ground and picked up the oncoming defender quite well and gave their quarterbacks time to deliver.

Damola Adeniji adjusted nicely and Canfield delivered the ball just before Clark could recover. Adeniji and Canfield are clicking with a little more than a week remaining until the opener.

When the defense did get a good push upfield, the offensive line did a good job staying engaged chest up and not getting beat.

Constant attention to footwork and proper technique looks to be paying off the last couple days for the big uglies on the offensive front.

Canfield found Rodgers a couple times, once on a beautifully delivered 20 yarder and again on a deeper streak. Rodgers got behind Tim Clark and the ball was delivered perfectly, the pass faded towards the outside shoulder so Rodgers naturally gained separation -- just going to where the ball was thrown.

Jacquizz Rodgers got one of his few carries in team drills and hit the edge quickly, outrunning Keaton Kristick to the corner. It wasn't until 20 yards later that Suaesi Tuimaunei got a hand on the Texas Brick.

OSU hasn't had too many tall receivers in the past and Damola Adeniji is really becoming a favorite target at 6-foot-3. Adeniji pulled in a Katz pass that seemed destined to find the practice field adjacent -- this writer would estimate Damola extended to 10 feet in the air to make the catch. A great asset to have, especially in the red zone.

Linebacker Dwight Roberson continues to stay strong in the run game. He read well, and met Quizz at the line of scrimmage on one occasion, wrapping him up for no gain.

Suaesi Tuimaunei had enough of all the completions and jumped a Kjos route, knocking the ball to the turf. Tui looked like he was set to intercept the ball, but was apparently happy enough to break it up.

The drills then shifted to red zone and short yardage. The offense did a good job getting a push up front and getting out of the shadows of their own end zone. Jovan Stevenson continued his hard running and hit the hole, quickly ripping off five yards a pop.

With the success of the run, Canfield took advantage of the aggressive front seven to complete a 20 yard pass that put the offense out on the 20 yard line. Again, Adeniji's was the set of hands found.

The offense was then very efficient going into the end zone.

James Rodgers, Stevenson, Kjos, and Brady Camp all found pay-dirt. The only negative was when Canfield held onto the ball too long. Langsdorf let him know, "Throw it away, don't take a sack." As documented by this writer in an earlier report, efficiency inside the 20 is something OSU is looking to improve upon from last season.

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