FALL CAMP DAY 16: Skelly and Teams

CORVALLIS -- Offensive guard Grant Johnson gets on his horse and rides, while Beaver QB Sean Canfield continues to spread the ball around to Casey Kjos, Damola Adeniji and others. Lance Mitchell has a good day roaming the Back 40 while Andrew Seumalo and Matt LaGrone make some noise on the second team, plus more.

Team Session No. 1:
Sophomore left guard Grant Johnson continued to show improvement and reason as to why he belongs on the first team o-line.

On a screen pass to sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers, Johnson got upfield to pick up a block on senior linebacker Keaton Kristick, allowing Quizz to cut back and make a move upfield, adding to the already big gain by the running back.

Redshirt freshman Taylor Henry showed quickness and power in blowing by the offensive line and stopping a Jovan Stevenson rush for little or no gain.

With the first string offense back on the field, Sean Canfield connected with Casey Kjos near the sideline, who then makes a move on junior linebacker Dwight Roberson for a big gain.

A jailbreak blitz by the defense forces a botched snap between senior center Alex Linnenkohl and Canfield, with Roberson coming away with the fumble recovery.

With the second team, Katz was put under heavy pressure, but delivered a brilliant pass intended for Geno Munoz. Great coverage by redshirt freshman Anthony Watkins resulted in an incomplete pass, however, the safety diving in front of the pass just before it was reeled in by the receiver and slapping away the delivery.

In the entertaining development of the evening, juniors Gabe Miller and Stephen Paea took it upon themselves to switch up jerseys, with Paea wearing the No. 99 from Miller, and Miller taking Paea's No. 54.

Skelly Session No. 1:
Canfield delivers a spot-on pass to Damola Adeniji, with James Dockery in on the coverage. The junior cornerback made a play on the ball but the senior wideout tore it out of the air with a strong reception, adding a little playful banter to the equation as he jogged away from Doc.

Canfield looked to hook up with Adeniji again but sophomore Lance Mitchell broke it up. Adeniji seemingly heard footsteps as Mitchell was in his hip pocket the entire route.

Canfield later delivered a beautiful throw, right over the head of Mitchell and into the hands of Kjos, who took off down the sideline, outrunning Mitchell for a big gain.

Team Session No. 2:
On the first play of the session Canfield delivered a deep ball into double coverage, looking for James Rodgers. With Mitchell and Clark in close, Mitchell tracked and picked off the pass. Linebackers coach Greg Newhouse shouted at Clark to pick up blocks downfield. In a moment of levity, upon seeing sophomore lineman Mike Remmers coming at him, Clark let out a playful shriek of fear.

Redshirt freshman Andrew Seumalo combined with redshirt junior Matt LaGrone to give the second team offensive line fits throughout the session, getting into the backfield on numerous occasions with their combination of power and speed.

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