FALL CAMP DAY 16: Extras Notebook

CORVALLIS -- Sean Canfield and Casey Kjos put the zone in red zone towards the end of the session. And the defense would make a standout play, but then the offense would come back with one of their own.

Red Zone Skelly:
- With Sean Canfield looking for Damola Adeniji yet again, Tim Clark got a good bead on the ball and slapped away the pass.

But the next play, Canfield found Casey Kjos, completing the pass in traffic. The junior wideout then made a move on Dwight Roberson, beating the linebacker to the corner and into the end zone for a touchdown.

Canfield then found Kjos yet again, the wideout finding a seam behind Mitchell and junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei, and with Canfield zipping the pass in between the defenders for another touchdown.

With the second team on the field, senior cornerback Patrick Henderson made an incredibly athletic play, batting away a pass that was behind him and intended for Nichols in the end zone.

Hendu dove, disrupting the play and knocking away the football before it could find its way into the receiver's hands.

Ryan Katz came back strong on the next play, however, completing a beautiful touch pass right into the hands of Aaron Nichols.

Sophomore cornerback David Ross' education continued on the play, he allowed the receiver to get behind him and reel in the pass for a touchdown.

Notable Notes on the P.M. session:
  • Lyle Moevao ran some of the Beaver offense for the first time this fall camp. He is still, however, a ways away from consideration for the backup role, that belongs to Ryan Katz right now.

  • Mike Cavanaugh wasn't real thrilled with the o-line's performance. The big bodies went through a wicked session of bear crawls that left a number of them thoroughly exhausted.

  • Riley on Josh LaGrone: "He had a knee (injury). He is gone for the year. Josh LaGrone had knee surgery, and it's really a shame. He was really working hard and doing outstanding."

  • Redshirt freshman Zane Norris sat out tonight's practice with a sore back. The linebacker said he hopes to be back to practice tomorrow night at 100 percent.

  • Sophomore cornerback Brandon Hardin (ankle) also sat out tonight's practice.

  • I asked redshirt freshman Keynan Parker (shoulder) how he was doing and he said he's feeling better and should be back on the field next week.

  • Seems like Mike Riley doesn't get why freshman Markus Wheaton is still out, either. Wheaton was pulled on Monday by the NCAA Clearinghouse while they went over some paperwork. Asked about his status, Riley said dryly; "I think it's sitting on somebody's desk somewhere."

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