DAY 17: Over the black and orange airwaves

From the get-go of the first skeleton drills session, the passing game was on, with Sean Canfield hooking up with Damola Adeniji on the first play. Meanwhile, the Beavs were missing one of their best coverage men at his position but the guy doing full duty was determined not to miss a beat.

Skelly Session No. 1:
From the start, the passing game was on, Sean Canfield hooked up with Damola Adeniji on the first play. The big wideout went up for the high pass -- and promptly got decked by junior cornerback James Dockery. But Adeniji hung on.

Junior linebacker Dwight Roberson took on full duty today as fellow junior Keith Pankey sat out of practice (bask spasms).

Roberson played well, showing off what is usually Pankey's M.O. in holding down coverage. Roberson was quick to sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers on a swing pass to shut the running back down for a short gain, then got up in the face of junior wideout James Rodgers to stop him for a short gain, as well.

A beautiful touch pass by Canfield found the hands of Jordan Bishop mid-stride as the redshirt freshman took off for a big gain.

A few plays later, with the second string offense on the field, Bishop was again able to get behind sophomore safety Cameron Collins, but Ryan Katz just barely overthrew the wideout.

Collins later teamed with redshirt freshman Anthony Watkins to break up a Katz pass down the left sideline intended for Kjos, and would have been reeled it in, but the safety duo timed it perfectly and broke it up.

Team Session No. 1:
Canfield was on target to Adeniji down, hitting the big man right in the numbers. Adeniji has slowly become one of the favorite targets of Canfield's. And why not, all quarterbacks like big targets to throw to..

Canfield then found James Rodgers, who had broken free of senior cornerback Tim Clark's coverage. Quon was wide open after slipping his man.

With the second team, Katz found redshirt freshman Jovan Stevenson with a swing pass. The running back took off downfield, kicking it into top gear. Senior wideout Taylor Kavanaugh was key here, making a heady block on senior corner Patrick Henderson to allow Stevenson to bounce the run to the outside and for big yards.

Katz then found junior wideout Aaron Nichols deep downfield. Nichols got behind cornerback David Ross and burned the sophomore deep downfield while Katz delivered a beautiful pass right on pace.

After the first team offense returned to the field, the Beaver pass rush decided to turn it up a notch. Roberson combined with sophomore linebacker David Pa'aluhi and senior DT Latu Moala to get in the face of Canfield, forcing the quarterback to roll out and kill the ball into the ground instead of forcing a pass or taking the sack.

Next play, same result. This time, sophomore Kevin Frahm teamed up with his senior counterpart Ben Terry to provide the pressure.

On the last possession of the segment for the second team, junior defensive end Gabe Miller stormed into the backfield and right into the face of Katz.

Skelly Session No. 2:
The second team offense continued to test the secondary and Anthony Watkins in particular, as this time Jordan Bishop was able to slip behind the safety's coverage. Katz hit No. 23 on the play side, in mid-stride, and the wideout took off downfield.

As the first team stepped back onto the field, Keaton Kristick and sophomore safety Lance Mitchell had had enough, they locked down were James Rodgers, forcing Sean Canfield to throw off line and behind his target.

DAY 17: Extras Notebook

  • Redshirt freshman Keynan Parker ran 40 yard sprints in the preliminary stages of practice.

  • Parker, a speedy cornerback, looks closer to 100 percent. He swung his injured shoulder to and fro, indicating that he may, indeed, be ready to return to action.

  • Redshirt freshman linebacker Zane Norris returned to the field after sitting out last night's practice with a sore back.

  • From this writer's observations, freshman wideout Mitch Singler looks almost identical to big brother Kyle, basketball player for Duke.

  • Former Oregon State receiver Shane Morales has become a consistent staple on the sideline for the Beavers this fall camp, ever since being cut by the Arizona Cardinals a couple of weeks ago.

  • Morales was seen throwing the ball around with former Beaver 'backer Alan Darlin early on in practice on the sidelines.

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