PRACTICE REPORT: Anticipation high

CORVALLIS -- With less than 100 hours until Portland State vs. Oregon State get underway, the Beaver coaches on Tuesday were lasered in on the details, the players were attentive and focused on preparing for the Vikings, and there was an anticipation in Reser Stadium you could almost reach out and feel.

Now if we could just get these final hours to move by a little quicker.

Special Teams:
Kick return, field goal block, and punt return were the areas of special teams focus under sunny evening skies at Reser.

John Hekker continued to show a strong leg, driving punt returners James Rodgers and Taylor Kavanaugh back with kicks of 50-plus yards.

Kick return saw heavy emphasis on the second wall and picking up their proper blocking assignments. Both Rodgers brothers, Patrick Henderson and Jordan Bishop continued to take reps returning kicks.

Field goal block some good play, including that of Matt LaGrone. The 6-6 former Nevada Wolfpack sixth man looks familiar with the art of the block.

Skelly Drills:
Sean Canfield continued on Tuesday to look for, and find, Damola Adeniji. The confidence and sync the two play with has really been impressive as the Beavs are in their final week of practice before the games begin.

Later, Casey Kjos snapped off a route and Canfield released the ball as Kjos was coming out of his break. The ball met the receiver on time, Kjos drug his feet smartly and the chains would have been moved had play been for keeps.

Tim Clark aka "Lock Down" stuck to Adeniji as he ran his route on one play. Clark came over the top of the taller Adeniji to break up the pass, sending both to the turf.

Jordan Bishop showed off his speed, getting behind the secondary and reeling in a Canfield pass for 35 yards.

The best throw of the session came from the strong armed Ryan Katz, the Beavs No. 2 QB.

Katz looked off the safety, turned his eyes to a streaking Aaron Nichols--guarded closely by Cameron Collins--and delivered a beautiful ball over the outside shoulder of Nichols, where only he could catch it. And he did.

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