PRACTICE REPORT: The scout team look

CORVALLIS -- Game week means scout teams. Any college coach will tell you, the better the "look" by the scout team during the week, the better prepared your 1's are come Saturday. Jack Lomax, the QB charged with operating the PSU run and shoot, was among those who had it goin' on during Tuesday's practice session. So too did Patrick Henderson and James Dockery.

"PSU Offense" vs. Starting Defense:
Mouse Davis probably would have loved scout team quarterback Jack Lomax on Tuesday. The Lake Oswego graduate looked impressive in the simulated run and shoot.

The young guys gave the starting defense a good look, settling into the void well, and running crisp routes.

Lomax found freshman wide out Garrett Hall deep. Hall beat safety Lance Mitchell and the play went for six.

Patrick Henderson and Mitch Singler had a great hand fight 20 yards down field, Henderson eventually batting the pass down, and then letting Singler know he did.

Outside linebacker Keo Camat stepped in front of a route and picked the ball off, Camat would have gone for 70 had the play continued. Assistant Greg Newhouse loved it, shouting, "There ya go!"

A run and shoot wrinkle featured Cody Vaz and a running back. Luckily for the "PSU offense" the drill wasn't live, otherwise Dwight Roberson had the back in his cross hairs and was in position to deliver a blow.

The scout team offense also showed a few additional tenets of the run and shoot, some of which fans might catch a glimpse of from the Vikings on Saturday.

Tim Clark and James Dockery, the starting corners for Saturday, broke up two consecutive passes to end the session.

Defensive coordinator Mark Banker showed his approval multiple times with shouts of "Good talk, D."

As noted previously by this writer, communication will be essential in the formation of this defense as a unit.

Starting Offense vs. "PSU Defense":
Sean Canfield remained on target throughout the full team session.

Canfield found Adeniji and Kjos a couple times with well placed throws. Canfield on Tuesday was putting the ball in a spot where only the receiver could make the catch.

Canfield was going through his progressions nicely and quickly dumped the ball to his outlet route if no one was open down field, most always netting positive yards.

The third team defense did its best to simulate what the offense will see on Saturday.

On two consecutive plays, Devin Unga dove and broke up the Katz fed pass. Great athleticism showed by Unga -- and a good look for the offense.

Former Beavers Alan Darlin and Alvin Smith were in attendance, as was OSU graduate assistant Ryan Gunderson.

Give 'em a jersey, they still got it.

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