PRACTICE REPORT: Beavs putting the polish on

CORVALLIS -- Special teams isn't discussed to death as much as are offense and defense but it's often the difference between winning and losing. The listed punt returners on the official depth chart are Taylor Kavanaugh and James Rodgers, but the Beavs might be deep here. Kevan Walker looked good returning punts today -- sure hands and a quick burst upfield. Indeed, he has some quick first steps.

Justin Kahut went 4-for-4 in the early field goal session. Kahut also practiced onside kicks and looked great, bouncing the ball high off the turf.

John Hekker had more booming punts, and a long of 65 yards.

Three Tries:
Mike Riley gave the offense the ball in their own territory with three plays and no timeouts left. Sean Canfield completed a pass and hurried the team to the line and spiked the ball.

But the D won the battle, as the final heave-ho went incomplete with defense knocked the ball down.

Canfield remained cool, calm, and collected in the pressure-simulated drill.

No. 1 Offense vs. "PSU D":
Jacquizz Rodgers and Jovan Stevenson got in some turns. Stevenson hits the holes fast and is quick to the corner as well.

Michael Philipp looked good in his run blocking today -- aggressive and moving forward.

Grant Johnson had a good session at the left guard spot along side Philipp.

WR Geno Munoz showed great hands and more sharp routes.

Canfield had a big missed connection with Damola Adeniji on one play. Assistant Danny Langsdorf took the lefty aside and coached him up. Result? Canfield executed perfectly on the following play.

No. 1 Defense vs. "PSU O":
A broken play forced Cody Vaz out of the pocket and LB David Pa'aluhi met Vaz on the sideline with a friendly shoulder bump. Vaz crashed out of bounds to the collective hoots of the defense.

Kevan Walker continued a good special teams day over the offensive side of the ball, showcasing his athleticism with a nice catch from Vaz.

The Beaver scout teams have been doing well this week, giving the Beavers good looks. Riley at one point praised them saying, "Lookin' good, keep it up" as he clapped encouragement.

SLB Keaton Kristick came untouched off the edge on one play while Jack Lomax had his back to the blitzing linebacker. Kristick let up just as Lomax was turning to throw back to a outlet route, otherwise damage would have been done.

The entire front four rotation got good pressure up the middle here, making life a little easier for the secondary. The coverage seemed good, but limited opportunities due to the surge up front, made it difficult to accurately assess what would have played out.

A few trick plays from the "PSU offense" went for naught, as backside defenders stayed home well and trailed the play in proper position -- the defenders were there to make the play.

Red Zone Skelly:
The Beavers ended efficiently in the final session. Canfield and Ryan Katz went 10-for-14 with three touchdowns apiece.

What was more impressive was the myriad of receivers they connected with -- Jacquizz Rodgers, Damola Adeniji, Joe Halahuni, Howard Croom, Casey Kjos, Geno Munoz, Aaron Nichols, and Jordan Bishop all caught passes in the short session.

The Beavs look to have a wide variety of weapons on offense if today was any indication.

  • Lyle Moevao remains sidelined, recovering from a cold per Riley.

  • Markus Wheaton is still out awaiting the NCAA Clearing House. He has been out since Aug. 24 awaiting word from the powers that be.

  • Brandon Hardin had a visible limp, favoring the ankle he injured a week ago. Still, Hardin part-took in all drills.

  • Tony Wilson was running 50 yard sprints, rehabbing his knee after he underwent season ending knee surgery just a few months ago. He is, however, out for the season.

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