Washington State Game Pictures

Eighteen photographs from the Beavers first Pac-10 victory of 2003.

A Washington State player shoots over Philip Ricci.


Brian Jackson rises up for two.


Lamar Hurd floats for a deuce.


Jerry McNair looks to pass of the ball.


Jackson for two.


Cedrick Hughey misses the dunk.


Ricci scoops a shot for two.


J.S. Nash on defense.


David Lucas fading away for a basket.


Jimmie Haywood for three.


Jimmie Haywood in the air for the layup.


Lamar Hurd passes the ball off.


Chris Stephens tries to get the shot off.


Nash in action.


Lucas blocks Cedrick Hughey's shot.


Lucas with the hook shot.


Kevin Field posting up.


Beavs win!

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