QUOTES: "Sean was efficient"

THE FIRST OFFENSIVE play of the year couldn't have gone any better. Mike Riley said it was simple saying, "It's one guy going deep and then another guy coming underneath and we make the free safety choose who to cover on that and he chose the wrong guy." More from Mike Riley, the Rodgers brothers, Sean Canfield and more.

Head Coach Mike Riley
On the first play of the game - “It's not overly complicated.  It's one guy going deep and then another guy coming underneath and we make the free safety choose who to cover on that and he chose the wrong guy.”

On Jerry Glanville - "Jerry is a great football coach.  I am proud that he is in our state.  I thought his team executed very well today."

On Connor Kavanaugh - "Connor Kavanaugh looks like Taylor out there running.  They’re good athletes from a great family. It is very unique for the two brothers to play against each other."

On Jacquizz Rodgers - "You can tell as the game goes on he gets stronger and stronger and gets a better feel.  He showed all of that on his first run of the second half.”

On Sean Canfield - "It was great that Sean was efficient.  I think really the only mistake that I can remember that he had in the first half was we had an illegal procedure on us on a third and short that caused us not to get a first down and then we kicked that field goal after that.  Beside that, I thought he was very efficient and I thought it was great that Ryan Katz got to play as much as he did."

On OSU’s defense - "I think our guys today did really fly to the ball.  I really think that getting ready for this game and playing physically throughout it and showing that primarily in those big open field plays on special teams is really important not only for this team but for the whole identity of our team all the time."


Wide Receiver James Rodgers
On working with the quarterbacks - “We built relationships with both of the quarterbacks, and no matter who is in, we have the chemistry.”

On his first touchdown - “The corner tried to jam me, and the safety was down and I just ran right by him. Nice thrown ball by Sean, and it went for a touchdown. It felt good to be back.”


Quarterback Sean Canfield
On Jacquizz Rodgers - “He’s a big threat out of the backfield. He can take a 2-yard pass and turn it into a 20 yard route.”

On making sure not to underestimate Portland State -  “You don’t want to take any team lightly.”

On playing UNLV next week - “We just need to be efficient and be focused on defense next week.”


Linebacker Keaton Kristick
On Portland State’s offense - “They had a really good offense and they racked up a lot of yards against us. We play a good offense like that again next week. It’s a learning experience and we’ll do better next week.”

On the OSU offense scoring points - “It’s all about scoring points and that’s what was getting us excited on defense.”


Running Back Jacquizz Rodgers
On getting into a game again - “It feels good. I have been gone for a while; it feels like missing all those games, so I just needed to come out hard and play the best I can.”

On how his shoulder feels - “My shoulder feels good. We,  as a team, do not need to worry about that right now. I am ready to come out hard for next week’s game.”


Cornerback Tim Clark
On a potential shutout - “Any time the defense is out there, we want a shutout.  It’s just a big statement when you shut out a team, but it wasn’t disappointing because it was good to see the younger guys out there to get some experience.”

On the defense overall - “All the young guys that were called upon came out and did their job, and did their thing.”

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