Beavs expected to ramp up the pressure

PERHAPS THE BIGGEST concern coming out of the Portland State game was the lack of pressure and sacks on the Viking quarterbacks. But, let's give credit where credit is due - PSU did a nice job of getting rid of the ball quickly. And Oregon State almost never blitzed during the entire game.

"No. 1, Portland State did a nice job of protecting and No. 2, Drew Hubel did a good job of getting rid of the ball," coach Mike Riley said. "That's how sacks are prevented. It's the efficiency of getting the ball out of your hands."

Although UNLV likes to spread the ball around like Portland State, the Beaver defense is looking forward to opening up the playbook more.

That means different looks, and probably a few new blitz packages, too.

"We're excited to mix things up a little bit," linebacker Keaton Kristick said. "There may be a lot of attacking but I know they spread the ball out and have a bunch of empty sets and stuff of that nature.

"It's going to be getting to know our opponent and if we feel comfortable, we'll blitz them a little bit."

And if the Beavers are comfortable versus the Rebels, the big defensive plays will follow, said Riley.

"Our sacks are going to come," Riley said. "It's going to be a good group."

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