QUOTES: "It was a defining moment for us"

FOLLOWING OREGON STATE's 38-28 win over Stanford the OSU players were upbeat stating that it was a big win before the bye week and a trip to USC in two weeks. Here's what Mike Riley, Jacquizz Rodgers, Stephen Paea, Sean Canfield and Cameron Collins had to say.

Head coach Mike Riley

On the win - “I’m proud of all parts of the team and the coaching staff. We had a great week of practice, and practice is a good indicator of enthusiasm and hard work and attention to detail.”

On the team - “Everybody’s working hard and has kept working throughout this to keep it going, and to get better all the time. That’s what I’m the most proud of. The last two weeks we look like we’ve gotten better. We just need to figure out a way to keep doing that.

On the “Wildcat” - “The players were kidding Danny (Langsdorf) for a long time about when he was going to call that in a game since we’ve been practicing it since last spring. As I always say, that play was in the lab forever. We have been practicing it for a while, and I thought it gave us a jump start and we made some good plays on it.

On the bye week - “We’ll practice all the days we normally practice to get ready for the game. It’s coming at a good time. It’s in the middle of the year. I think if you have to pick a time for a bye this would be it."


Running Back Jacquizz Rodgers

On the win - "This definitely was a big win for us. Stanford came in as the No. 1-ranked team in the Pac-10. It gave us the energy to come out, get the win and get everything rolling now."

On running the wildcat - "The first thing was to just get the snap, everything just fell into place after that."

On his 61-yard rush - "I was just patient to let everything happen in front of me, so then I just hit the crease."

On what the win means and the next game against USC - "We just need to stay focused and have everyone be ready for USC and come out strong for practice."


Quarterback Sean Canfield

On having two weeks to get ready for the road - “We’ll take a bye next week and look at the film tomorrow of this game and evaluate. I think we can always learn something from a win. They are a good USC team. We know them, so that will be a tough place to play down there.”

On this being the best offensive performance of the year - “Yeah, I mean it goes back and forth. We look at things on film, and it’s hard to say, but it was a great day offensively, execution-wise, and we kept at it.”

On how it felt to have success early on in the game - “It was awesome, and we did the same thing last week. So we have to keep that going. The main thing is that we kept at it and we kept putting points up. We just keep that going for USC in two weeks.”

On being aggressive out on the field - “You have to play to win. You can’t play to lose so that’s my mentality as a captain. I was proud of the way we played.”


Defensive Tackle Stephen Paea

On Stanford throwing so much during the game - “We practiced to stop the power run, and I think they knew that, because they do a lot of running.”

On what they did to prepare for the run game - “Their O-line is big. We were trying to hit them before they move their feet. That O-line is good. It’s the best in the conference.”

On the significance of the game - “It was a defining moment for us. We were expecting a tough game, and it was a tough one, but this is just another win in the pac-10.”

On what changed since the Arizona game - “Guys are playing hard. If we didn’t get the double teams, our linebackers can’t get their hands on the ball.”


Safety Cameron Collins

On the game plan - “They’ve got one of the best backs in the nation, so we knew we had to contain the run. Once we took away the run, we had to take away the pass.”

On this game being the best defensive performance - “This might have been our biggest challenge, so I’d say this was our best performance.”

On the first play they dropped - “It was a great play call. It was a good thing, it made us realize that not only can they run the ball, but they can throw it as well. They’ve got a pretty good quarterback.”




Head coach Jim Harbaugh

On his opinion of Jacquizz Rodgers - “He was very effective getting around the perimeter, whether he was catching it out of the backfield or being able to jump two gaps to get outside, and that was breaking us down.”


Safety Bo McNally

On Jacquizz Rodgers - “He’s one of the best running backs we’ll play. You don’t see guys that small who can run it like he can and we had a hard time tackling him and getting him down.”

On what made Rodgers hard to stop - “With a guy like that who’s as talented as him, you know what plays they’re going to do but you can’t stop them.”

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