Official suspended for missed call Saturday

TWO YEARS AGO, a bad miscall in the OSU-UW game was initially dismissed by the Pac-10 office. However, there's a new commissioner of the Pac-10, and an equally bad missed call from the Beavs game with Southern Cal this past Saturday had a different disciplinary outcome.

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott today suspended a football official for one game for missing the face mask call against James Rodgers. The play involved USC safety Taylor Mays, in the end zone, where after Rodgers had caught the ball, he had his helmet was ripped off by a passing Mays.

Here's the play in question:

"Our members expect a high level of officiating in all our sports and the Conference office shares that expectation," said Scott in the release. "We have taken this action in light of the blatant and dangerous nature of the missed call. We have full confidence in our highly trained and qualified staff of football officials, but they, like the coaches and players, are accountable and must meet the high expectations placed upon them."

The Pac-10 did not release the official's name. The officiating crew from the game was Referee Jay Stricherz, Umpire Doug Wilson, Linesman Edwin Walker, Line judge Jeff Robinson, Back judge M. Aaronian, Field judge Jeffrey Bell and Side judge Aaron Santi.

Saturday's game, a 42-36 USC win, had a number of questionable calls, including the non-call, also against Mays, on what looked an obvious horse collar infraction against Oregon State receiver Casey Kjos.

Two years ago, in a highly charged game where punches were thrown, eight personal fouls were called and four players were ejected, the Beavs were up 29-23 against Washington with 2:41 remaining. Yvenson Bernard stretched the ball across the goal line and was deemed to have fumbled. Replays clearly showed Bernard's knee (and most of the rest of his body) down. However, no replay was used and Washington, after returning the "fumble" to the UW 38 yard line, moved to the OSU 29 before the drive stalled.

The Pac-10 released a statement the play should have been reviewed and that the instant replay crew had been "reprimanded" but not suspended. Verle Sorgen, the director of instant replay, said the blown call, "wasn't that egregious...unless you are an Oregon State fan.'' OSU Athletics Director protested Sorgen's comments vehemently and renewed his call for one game suspensions. A day later, after De Carolis' comments, then commissioner Tom Hansen said Sorgen's remark was inappropriate and he would be "reprimanded" and that the instant replay crew would now be suspended for a game. You can relive that play here:

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