POLL TRACKER: Breaking down the votes

OREGON STATE IS on the cusp of entering both the AP and The USAToday Coaches' Top 25 polls headed into Saturday's tilt at home against Washington. Is that about right, or should they already be ranked? Is there a geographic "bias", or are the voters from around the country split about evenly on the Beavs? For answers, we broke it all down...and you can decide for yourself.

The USAToday Coaches' Poll does not release how their members voted during the season, only for the final poll. (And starting next year that goes away, in 2010 the final vote will no longer be public). The Associated Press, however, is more transparent.

Of 34 voters in the latest AP poll that left Oregon State unranked, according to Pollspeak.com, 18 are from East of the Mississippi River, with 27 of those 34 to the East of the state of Colorado.

From Colorado headed West, seven AP poll voters left Oregon State unranked.

How does that compare to those AP writers who voted the Beavers in their Top 25?

OF THE 29 AP voters that ranked OSU in their Top 25 ballot, 12 of the 29 are from East of the Mississippi River, with 21 of the 29 voters from East of Colorado.

From Colorado headed West, eight AP poll voters ranked Oregon State in their Top 25.

THE BEAVS THIS week are ranked No. 26 in the AP and No. 28 in the Coaches' Poll. If Oregon State beats Washington, it's hard to envision a scenario where they wouldn't be ranked in both polls -- an average of just about three teams have fallen out of the Top 25 this year each week.

THE COMPUTERS LIKE the Beavs a little more than do the traditional polls at this stage.

The BCS Rankings consist of The Harris Interactive Poll, Coaches' Poll and the computer rankings -- each of those count for one-third of the BCS Standings. OSU is ranked No. 23 in the latest BCS Standings.

Oregon State's BCS computer ranking is No. 18. The Harris Poll puts OSU at No. 28 while the Coaches' poll, as mentioned earlier, also has OSU at No. 28.

The six computer rankings that are used in the BCS are Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin and Peter Wolfe. Each computer ranking accounts for strength of schedule. All six have OSU in their Top 25. Massey and Sagarin have the Beavs ranked the highest, at Nos. 11 and 12 in the nation, respectively.

OTHER POLL NOTES OF interest include...

  • Oregon State was ranked briefly this year, they were a preseason No. 25 and then held at No. 24 in the Coaches' poll for the first two weeks of the season before dropping out following their loss to Cincy, now ranked No. 5 in both polls.

  • Stanford is ranked in the Top 25 of both the AP and Coaches' polls. Oregon State is behind Stanford in the polls, despite OSU having beaten Stanford in Week 6 and holding an identical record (6-3).

    On the other hand, Stanford beat then-No. 7 Oregon for their signature victory. Oregon State's signature win thus far was over No. 23 Cal, and they also have losses to then-No. 17 (Cincy) and No. 7 (USC).

  • Both the AP and Coaches' polls also have USC ranked ahead of Oregon this week. Oregon beat USC head to head less than two weeks ago, and both have identical records at 7-2.

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