QUOTES: "In the second half we got it going"

JUST MINUTES AFTER the conclusion of Oregon State's fourth road win of the year talk turned to the Civil War and the Rose Bowl. Coach Mike Riley and Sean Canfield were happy to discuss one of the most anticipated Civil Wars in the history of the series.

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

On the season and possible Rose Bowl - "I'm really proud of how these guys have battled back to this point, whatever happens with (the Rose Bowl), we'll still have, I think, one of the great matchups for the Civil War ever. It's pretty exciting stuff and I'm really proud of them."

On the pressure of the postseason - "We just got done with this game and we needed to win it. It was hard just like we thought it might be, but we'll see what that all means as we go through the next week, and how that all stacks up with how guys feel about it."

On the close first half - "I didn't get upset because I didn't think that would do any good. I thought that they made some plays and we had some poor choices, I think, and had some penalties. I thought the main thing was for our guys to do what we say every time at halftime ‘Hey go out and play like it's zero-to-zero.' That's what we needed to do again, so I thought that was going to be our best approach, to go out there and not be tight because the game is tight. Go out there and have fun."

On the offense - "We got it going and it's too bad Sean threw that interception. The safety surprised him in the coverage, and up to that point it was spectacular."

On both teams being "on their game" - "I thought we were, and I thought they played better than they've played. Until the end they never turned the ball over today. I thought (Kevin) Lopina made some plays and the receivers made some plays, and they caused us some problems. It's never quite like you want it to be, but I'm glad we won and I think they should be proud of their team for how they played, and I'm proud of ours for winning the game. I think we'll look at it and there's a lot of things we would have liked to have done better but that's life."


Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield
On the first half
- "Our first two drives were money. We were firing on all cylinders, then the last two or three were obviously not productive.  They had the ball for quite some time, so it was kind of a closer game than it should have been at halftime. In the second half we got it going."

On the Civil War - "It will be a tough test at Autzen, very loud. I've never started against Oregon, or played against Oregon for that matter. It will be fun. It will be crazy. Talking to Lyle (Moevao), and he said when he started there two years ago it was just insane there on third down, and even on all the other downs really. Obviously a very hostile environment. It will be a big stage for us, a great football environment. I think our team, in those situations, rises to the occasion. Obviously with the rivalry, it will be a big maybe redemption for some of us. Maybe more for the in-state guys, obviously knowing how it was growing up with that big rivalry. We just want to get a win like every other week."

On possibly playing for a Rose Bowl berth - "I haven't had any conversations with anyone about playing in the Rose Bowl. My family mentions it a little bit, just what could be at stake, considering what's on the line tonight in Arizona. Obviously everyone knows what's out there, but we keep our focus on the week, and that was WSU."

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