California Game Pictures

Nineteen pictures from the Beavers loss to California on Thursday night.

Tip off.


David Paris stretches for a basket.


Jimmie Haywood calls out a play.


The Beaver basketball team.


Haywood pushing the ball up the court with Brian Wethers close behind.


Amit Tamir hits another three point shot in the first half.


Joe Shipp passes the ball as Lamar Hurd looks on.


Philip Ricci rises up for two.


David Lucas shows off his deadly hook shot.


Floyd North III drives towards the basket.


Joe Shipp slides through the lane.


Chris Stephens gets an easy two.


Lucas shoots over Shipp and Conor Famulenur.


Lucas and Shipp fight for a rebound.


Ricci down low for two.


Brian Wethers surveys the court.


Tamir with Brian Jackson in his face.


Ricci with a reverse slam.


North hooks for a hoop.

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