What They're Saying...

What the media and players are saying about the vacant coaching position at Oregon State.


Richard Seigler:

"He left a good foundation here. I think everybody's hoping we just keep it up. Coach Erickson was a great coach and he will be missed. No doubt about it."


Mitch Meeuwsen:

"We're just kind of shocked that it all happened. We're not thinking about what's going to happen."


Derek Anderson:

(What's your reaction?) "Kind of shocked, but I'm dealing with it."

(What did Erickson tell the players?) "He started off and just told us he apologized for the way it had to come across and the way it came out to us, that we weren't the first people to hear it. That was pretty much it. He wished us luck."

(Do you blame him for leaving?) "No. That's one of the premier jobs in the NFL. It's a good job, and it would be hard for him to pass that up."

(What was the players' mood?) "Just still kind of spinning right now - not really sure what to think. We've kind of thought about it all day, but it's still kind of ... I don't know. People are obviously shocked and disappointed at the same time, but you've got to wish him luck, too."

(Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano was your position coach - would you want to see him promoted to head coach? Would you talk to Bob De Carolis about him) "I will probably sit down, or our team will sit down, with Bob and discuss the possibilities of that. But I'd have nothing wrong with that."

(Do you think any players might want to go elsewhere?) "We haven't really talked about that as a team. We just kind of found out throughout the day, and nobody's really discussed that."





(Was the San Francisco 49ers job one that you couldn't pass up?) "Well, it happened really quickly. It happened on Friday. I went down and visited with them, then visited with them again yesterday. It was just an opportunity ... we've had some here, and it just ... like you said, it was very difficult to turn down. I guess there's a little piece of me missing from my time in Seattle to have the opportunity to win a world championship. That's basically what it boiled down to. And dealing with Terry Donahue and Bill Walsh and John York was just the right thing."...OSUBeavers.com


Rejecting Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache and every other publicized candidate, the San Francisco 49ers made Oregon State's Dennis Erickson their surprise choice to succeed fired Steve Mariucci as head coach Tuesday...San Jose Mercury News


In the end, the San Francisco 49ers proved a lot of people wrong. They completed their search for a head coach in less than two cycles of the moon. They wound up with a name that resonates with three out of five bar stools down at The Fifth Quarter. And they avoided the headline no one wanted to see ("Bugel to Donahue: Thanks, but I'll pass")...San Jose Mercury News


The San Francisco 49ers' four-week search for a replacement for Steve Mariucci ended with a surprise yesterday, as Oregon State coach Dennis Erickson was named head coach. Erickson had barely been mentioned as a possibility, but 49ers general manager Terry Donahue gave him a five-year contract worth $12.5 million...Newsday


Dennis Erickson was the surprise ending to the San Francisco 49ers' search for a new coach. Erickson is leaving his job at Oregon State to succeed fired Steve Mariucci. He becomes the 14th head coach in the 49ers' history...San Jose Mercury News


When Oregon State prepared to announce Monday that it had extended coach Dennis Erickson's contract an additional two years through 2009, Erickson asked to "Hold off until the end of the week."...ESPN


At the college level, Dennis Erickson has enjoyed incredible success. He built a winner at Washington State. He won a national championship at the University of Miami. After a three-year stint with the Seahawks, Erickson turned a building program at Oregon State into a team good enough to go to the Fiesta Bowl and beat Notre Dame...ESPN


Four weeks after San Francisco fired Steve Mariucci they hired Oregon State's Dennis Erickson as their coach, signing him to a five-year deal estimated at $12.5 million. One question: Why?...FoxSports


The monthlong search for the San Francisco 49ers' new coach, which at times appeared so confused that the team's own quarterback blasted the process, ended with a surprise yesterday when San Francisco hired Dennis Erickson of Oregon State to replace Steve Mariucci...New York Times


First they lost their campus president. Now the students in Corvallis have lost their football coach, too. The San Francisco 49ers Tuesday named OSU's Dennis Erickson their new head coach...Portland Business Journal


Dennis Erickson will become the 49ers' 14th head coach, The Press Democrat confirmed Tuesday morning, bringing an end to a four-week search to find a replacement for Steve Mariucci...Santa Rosa Press Democrat


Oregon State football coach Dennis Erickson has accepted the San Francisco 49ers head coaching job, it was confirmed today, ending his historic, four-year run as the savior of Beavers football...Oregonian


The 49ers' prolonged, methodical and somewhat mysterious four-week search for a head coach ended Tuesday with the hiring of Oregon State's Dennis Erickson...San Francisco Chronicle


Dennis Erickson was hired Tuesday by the San Francisco 49ers to replace Steve Mariucci as coach in a surprising end to a search that stretched nearly four weeks...San Deigo Union Tribune

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