Beavs to decrease some ticket prices in Reser

FOR THE FIRST time since 2000, Athletics Director Bob De Carolis said today, Oregon State for the 2010 season is rolling back ticket prices in certain sections of Reser Stadium.

"Our staff has heard you; we're listening; and we've taken your feedback to heart," says De Carolis. "We want to make our games accessible to as many members of Beaver Nation as possible. We want to offer prices that allow more fans to participate and share in the excitement of our football program's great future and the game-day atmosphere."

De Carolis said more information will be available in a future report but offered a few examples of what Beaver fans can expect-- "We're offering a season ticket in our newly named 'Valley View' level -- sections 211-214, rows 9 and up, and sections 224 to 227, rows 9 and up -- on the north and south ends of the east side —for $149 with no associated BASF (Beaver Athletic Student Fund) donation," he said in the release.

"Last year's ticket in this section cost $252 plus a $100 donation—for a $203 savings."

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