RILEY: Comments on each member of the class

YOU'VE READ WHAT many of the pundits had to say about the newest members of the Oregon State family. Now read what the head man himself had to say about the newest members of his team.

LB SHAYDON AKUNA: "I think he's a perfect fit as an outside linebacker in what we do. He's a terrific athlete with good size and still good potential for more growth so I think he's a real good fit there."

LB MICHAEL BIBBEE:  "I love those linebackers who are also the runners for their high school; Keaton Kristick is a great example, he ran the ball as a tailback. Bibbee ran the ball, he was a 60 minute man, just played the whole game. He's a very good fit as probably an inside linebacker for us."

DE SCOTT CRICHTON: "Is a perfect defensive end fit."

DE DOMINIC GLOVER: "We think that he will be able to come in and impact our team immediately."

TE CONNOR HAMLETT: "Is 6-foot-7 and 230 pounds, and we love the way he can run. He's not as strong as he's going to be, he's not as fast as he's going to be but he runs well, catches the ball well, has good position, good feet for blocking and will be a tremendous developmental guy. Plus he's got the work ethic and the temperament to be a growth and developmental guy for the Beavers."

QB SEAN MANNION: ""He's a coach's kid. John, his dad, is a coach there and the athletic director at the high school and coaches defense with the team. From the time we met him, talked to him, all that, we knew that he was a really good individual. He really is a sponge. I think, like I said, as a person, as a player, as a gym rat, quarterback; he'll be a great fit."

RB MALCOLM MARABLE:  "He is an exciting player. He is a very gifted runner, fast and quick, and very versatile. He will find his niche here, whether it's early as a third-down back or where ever else we go with him in that regard and he is also a very good defensive back. He really was a major player on a very good team that was a playoff team in California."

DT THOMAS MOLESI:  "Is an interior defensive lineman that'll be a great fit."

S RYAN MURPHY: "He's a no brainer safety, but I think he could easily grow into a Keith Ellison as an outside linebacker but I think we might first try him out at tailback. I mean the guy is a ferocious, tenacious runner and I was impressed the day I saw him."

TE TYLER PERRY: "Is physically almost ready to go as a tight end for us right away."

K TREVOR ROMAINE: "Trevor Romaine will probably greyshirt and be coming in as Justin Kahut is finishing and we'll have four full years after that to be able to participate. Bruce Reed has been the best evaluator of kickers and punters in our school's history. We've recruited, arguably, some of the best guys that Bruce has evaluated back to the first one in Jose Cortez and Sam Paulescu. It goes on and on, Justin Kahut and Johnny Hecker and now we have Trevor Romaine."

OL ROMAN SAPOLU:  "Is a really good defensive player but we'd like him as an interior offensive lineman. He's got a great way about him, an outstanding young man and smart, well schooled in the game."

ATH WILL STOREY: "Is one of the best athletes in our state, he's a versatile guy who's a great football player; played quarterback, slotback, safety, linebacker and will definitely find a niche here.  He to me is a Greg Laybourn type guy who will find some way to play on the field and impact our team." 

DT FRED THOMPSON: "Is a big, thick athlete and will be an outstanding defensive player or even a two-way player if he wanted to be."

DT MANA TUIVAILALA:  "He is a big, good athlete and rather raw and I think he fits a perfect need for us in the defensive line. It was a good process because we found him, evaluated him hard and recruited him from there."

LB DONNELL WELCH: "Donell Welch is a fast linebacker who fits the Beaver mode perfectly."

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