Hawkins Bows Out

Dan Hawkins, who was reportedly one of two finalists for the Oregon State top spot, has removed his name from further consideration.

"I am very impressed with the direction and leadership of Oregon State football," Hawkins said in a press release. "I was very flattered by the opportunity to discuss the situation with Oregon State Director of Athletics Bob DeCarolis and members of the search team. They have an exciting future in front of them. Upon final analysis, I feel too positive about the direction of Boise State and our football program. The growth and progress made in every area since I have arrived here has been tremendous."

Hawkins departure from consideration points the coaching search in Riley's direction. Recent news reports say Riley and Hawkins were the finalists for the position. Unless a wild card candidate appears, such as Pittsburgh's Walt Harris, it apears Riley will be the next coach.

DeCarolis is thought to have spoken with at least eight candidates in this process. With letter of intent day over and spring practice still in the distance, DeCarolis has emphasized he will use patience in this process.

In addition to Hawkins and Riley, it is believed DeCarolis and the other members of his search committee have met or spoken with three other outside candidates Oklahoma co-Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops, Colorado State's Sonny Lubick, San Jose State's Fitz Hill; and three in-house candidates: Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano, Offensive Line/Assistant Head Coach Gregg Smith, and co-Offensive Line/Tight End coach Dan Cozetto, who will be Washington's offensive line coach if not selected at OSU.

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