2010 ANALYSIS: Recruits on offense

BF.C TAKES A look at the 2010 class on the offensive side of the ball -- with an eye towards each individual's impact and need. Plus, a prediction.

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TE Connor Hamlett

Serviceability/Impact:  Like Mana Tuivailala on defense, Hamlett is an offensive project who will take a couple of years before contributing and was offered by the Beavs as a grayshirt. When researching Hamlett I came across a quote that went something like this -- "When everybody else is tired late in the game, he's still 6-7." Just one of the reasons the staff is willing to take a chance with Hamlett.

Need:  Since the offense relies heavily on the tight end in the blocking game, and the emergence of Jor Halahuni this past season has meant the TE role in the passing game is increasing again, having a stable full of talent is needed and slating Hamlett for a Jan. of 2011 arrival means the Beavs continue to have numbers at the position, spread out across the classes.

Prediction: Time. Clearly, Hamlett needs to pack on some muscle before he sees the field. At the very least, the call here is he probably won't be playing until his sophomore and perhaps even his junior year.


QB Sean Mannion

Serviceability/Impact:  Onlookers will be impressed with his size and arm strength but unless a catastrophe of injuries strikes, they'll have to wait a year before he makes a run at the depth chart.

Need:  Although the Beavs have four quarterbacks on scholarship - and only one an upperclassman - the coaches like to recruit a quarterback every year as history has shown it takes time, (read: several years), for a QB to become proficient in Riley's system and in the Pac-10.

Prediction:  Mannion will redshirt, but will impress on the scout team.  He ran a similar offense at his high school and his dad has been a head football coach his entire life. He looks to be another player in this class who will hit the ground running.


RB Malcolm Marable

Serviceability/Impact: Coach Mike Riley has alluded to Marable possibly playing as a freshman, maybe as a third down back. If the head man thinks he is ready to play, expect him to get a long look in fall camp.

Need:  High. Even with Jacquizz Rodgers as the starter and Jovan Stevenson as the backup the team needs a player in the system learning the ropes.

Prediction: The coaches don't have a solid third option at running back due to Ryan McCants' injuries and struggles. As a result, our prediction is Marable is prepped to play, but the coaches still redshirt him unless disaster strikes.


TE Tyler Perry

Serviceability/Impact:  Unlike Hamlett, Riley has said Perry is ready to play right away. Perry knows how to use his big frame to shied off defenders and is already a polished blocker who will only get better.

Need:  With Brady Camp and John Reese set to graduate, getting a rapidly advancing tight end in the system was a must.

Prediction:  Four players after the 2010 season, including Perry, will be on scholarship. Although it will be tempting to get Perry some reps in games, our call is the staff will choose to redshirt him, where he will add some muscle, and get him in the rotation in 2011.


K Trevor Romaine

Serviceability/Impact:  If there was room, Romaine would be in Corvallis. He was almost automatic with extra points in high school, but needs to work on his distance and accuracy.

NeedJustin Kahut is in his final year of eligibility so getting a kicker was vital.

Prediction:  Due to lack of scholarships available now, Romaine won't enroll until Jan. of 2011, which isn't a bad thing. He will have an entire spring and fall camp to work out any kinks with Bruce Read before he makes his debut as a true freshman.


C Roman Sapolu

Serviceability/Impact:  Being under the tutelage of a four time Super Bowl Champion certainly can't hurt as Sapolu should hit the ground running and make a run at the two deeps.

Need:  With Alex Linnenkohl in his final year and no lineman currently in the system set to take over, Sapolu has a great chance at playing early.  Getting him up to speed is imperative as he could be starting as a sophomore in 2011.

Prediction:  With the depth chart behind Linnenkohl wide open and the coaches expecting him to perform well, Sapolu slides into the two deeps by the end of fall camp.


ATH Will Storey

Serviceability/Impact: A smart, versatile athlete -- the kind Riley loves -- Storey will need a year or two in the system before contributing and will grayshirt.

Need: The versatility that Storey brings helps the coaching staff -- they can plug him in on either side of the ball.

Prediction:  Another under recruited athlete from Oregon who will blossom in Corvallis down the road. Storey also might be plugged in at a couple of positions before finding a home. After grayshirting, he could be a special teams standout before he earns a starting position later on offense or defense.


RB Terron Ward

Serviceability/Impact: Ward just signed late yesterday. If the roster remains and depth remains the same down the road, Ward, although he was a yardage machine in high school, would seem likely to redshirt after grayshirting.

Need:  With Ryan McCants and Jacquizz Rodgers back for one more year, Jovan Stevenson back for two more and Malcolm Marable set to possibly play as a freshman, the need for another running back in the class was not overwhelming - and that is why he will grayshirt and enroll in Jan. of 2011.

Prediction:  An explosive playmaker Ward could make a splash returning kickoffs or punts, but not before he redshirts.

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