Who else is coming to Corvallis?

News and notes on who is staying at OSU with Riley and who Riley is going to bring in.

Newhouse will be here. Yarber is likely to remain, and I'd put Bray at 50-50 odds.

Here is the complete list of assistant coaches under Riley:

Chryst is currently the TE coach at Wisconsin. He is a virtual lock to be back.

Gilstrap and McInerney had both been at Tulsa working under Keith Burns. Gilstrap as OC/Running Backs coach and McInerney as DC/assistant head coach. Here's an old link to some bios:


Mike Johnson was recently hired to tutor Michael Vick as QB coach for Atlanta. He left OSU to go to San Diego with Riley. He probably wouldn't be interested in a return unless it is a bigger role.


I don't know what Ron Simonson is doing these days. Can't seem to track him down. Bruce Read is the special teams coach at Buffalo and is also unlikely to return, although he does have local ties.

Mark Banker is the co-Defensive coordinator at Stanford and may be convinced to return, especially if Bray leaves.

Gray is gone to Kentucky. James West left in 1997. Don't expect to see him back.

Here are a few interesting names that were assistant coaches in San Diego with Riley.

  • Craig Dickenson
  • Kevin Lempa
  • Wayne Nunnely
  • Rod Perry
  • Mike Sanford
  • DelVaughn Alexander

Nunnely is a BIG long-shot, as he is one of the DL coaches in the NFL. Mostly just wishful thinking there.

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