CORVALLIS--One thing you notice about Obum Gwacham, he's constantly smiling -- even after a rookie mistake. In a recent practice, a catchable ball flew out of the grasp of the freshman. But turning and jogging back to the huddle, there was that smile again. And if this spring is any indication, the former high jump, triple jump and long jump star has a bright future on the Beaver gridiron.

BF.C: What were some of the reasons you chose to come to Oregon State?
Gwacham: "When I came here on my visit I knew it was very family-oriented; Coach Riley is the greatest guy ever, greatest football coach out there, and that just kind of did it for me. When I met the coaching staff and the players I knew this was the place."


BF.C: If you were to compare your skills-set to an NFL receiver, who would you compare yourself to?
Gwacham: "I have always been told I have the same body of Chad (OchoCinco), maybe T.O."


BF.C: There was some speculation that you might develop into a defensive end. If Mike Riley approached you and said you were going to play defense from now on, what position would you be playing?
Gwacham: "Well first of all let's hope that doesn't happen, but I'm not sure, actually."


BF.C: If Oregon State did not have a football program, and with no men's Track and Field program… yet, what sport do you think you would play?
Gwacham: "I don't think I would be here!"


BF.C: What kind of music do you have on your iPod?
Gwacham: I have a little bit of everything. Hip-hop, rock, even a little reggae… The guy I listen to the most is Kid Cudi."


BF.C: Do you have a favorite spot to eat here in Corvallis yet?
Gwacham: "I have been to Local Boyz… Oh my God!"
BF.C: Have you been to Qdoba yet?
Gwacham: "I'm a Chipotle guy."


BF.C: What are some things on your ‘bucket list?'
Gwacham: "Definitely skydiving, and maybe go to the Olympics."


BF.C: If you were to have dinner with your choice of three celebrities, past or present, who would you have over? r?
Gwacham: "Coach Riley, he would have to be there, (former Colts wide receiver and future Hall of Famer) Marvin Harrison, and I would invite my brother along."


BF.C: It's impossible to name just one but I'm going to put you on the spot. Who is your favorite Beaver, past or present?
Gwacham: "James (Rodgers). He does it all -- I try to look up to him and do some of the things he does."


BF.C: What is your favorite football related movie?
Gwacham: "The Longest Yard." "

About the author: Frank Hoaglin has covered for BF.C the past two spring sessions at Oregon State. In between, he's covered the 2009 Beavers' fall camp and also provided in-season, in-Reser coverage of Oregon State's '09 campaign. Like Gwacham, he's also planning to soon go skydiving for the first time, on his birthday next month, and says he's undecided as to whether he's really excited or really scared for his life.


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