SPRING DAY 7: A Quon and Quizz show

CORVALLIS – Offensively, it was just one of those days for the Beavs. Jacquizz Rodgers brought his usual assortment of shimmy and shake, but the QBs struggled to connect throughout, plus there was a Mt. Cavanaugh eruption. Over on D, the young OSU linebacking corps showed they might be deeper in depth than once thought in regards to coverage -- this plus much more in the Monday practice recap.

This writer could tell it was going to be "one of those days" on offense at Reser as soon as senior kicker Justin Kahut missed to the right, and then to the left, on 40-yard field goal attempts.

To put it mildly, today's session left something to be desired, especially on offense – there always seems to be one practice in a spring or fall camp when the players are just out of rhythm and today was the definition of it. Hopefully for Beaver Nation, this is the only one this spring.

Sophomore and No. 1 QB Ryan Katz opened up the first offensive individual workouts by overthrowing senior wideout James Rodgers near the sideline by a good five feet.

Fellow quarterback Peter Lalich hit the exact same route to freshman wideout Micah Hatfield with ease, delivering a nice finesse pass. But he also struggled through the afternoon with accuracy. Junior tight end Brady Camp later dropped an easy pass across the middle from Katz -- the ball was delivered right into his numbers with the right amount of pace, but it popped out of his mitts.

Later in the scrimmaging portion, Katz misfired intending for junior Darrell Catchings. To be fair, junior defensive back James Dockery had a great deal of pressure on the wide receiver and Katz was undoubtedly trying to make sure if his guys couldn't get it, no one would. Even had it had been thrown perfectly, Catchings may not have had a chance with the lanky corner bumping him for position.

CHECKING IN WITH the offensive line, coach Mike Cavanaugh had quite the afternoon, using just about every colorful word that's in the book, and making up a few that aren't.

After the second play of the scrimmaging session, where the defensive line blew past the o-line and blew up a running play, Mt. Cavanaugh popped his top. He got up in the grills of the o-linemen and gave them a what-for. It worked, too. The offensive line picked it up after that chewing-out.

Cavanaugh was back at it later on in practice. Safety Rashaad Reynolds and defensive tackle Kevin Frahm found seams in the offensive line and backed up sophomore running back Jovan Stevenson before Katz could get him the handoff. Cav lumbered over and asked a few pointed questions for which the o-line of course had no answer.

A FEW MOVES by James Rodgers and Jacquizz Rodgers were the undisputed highlights of the afternoon practice. On one early play, James pulled in a pass to the left side from Katz, then made a nasty move that brought safety Cameron Collins to his knees, en route to a run-and-catch touchdown.

The junior defensive back was the only player between Quon and the end zone, and Rodgers strutted into the end zone with ease.

A couple of plays later, Quizz took a handoff, popped it back to the other side and outran the defense to the corner for a touchdown.

The junior tailback wasn't finished. A couple of plays later he juked linebackers Tony Wilson and Dwight Roberson, created some separation and then beat them to paydirt, drawing exasperated looks from the pair.

WHEN IT CAME to the fly sweep, however, the black shirts had it sniffed out from the jump.

As James took the handoff, a loud "FLY SWEEP!" reverberated around the confines of Reser and the defense swarmed to the ball. Senior defensive end Gabe Miller came bursting off the edge to drag James down forbut a short gain.

WRAPPING UP THE third team session of the afternoon, Katz left the practice on a high note.

The Beaver QB rifled one to sophomore wide receiver Markus Wheaton across the middle and in the back of the end zone for a score.

In the familiar "pass-ball-bingo!" drill, a trio of young linebackers made nifty one-handed grabs to snatch the ball out of the air for an "interception". Reuben Robinson, Michael Doctor and Zane Norris all displayed great hands in the individual drill.

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