CORVALLIS -- If you're not following Beaver John Reese around the world wide web, you're missing out. But BF.C is here to help. Here's our Q&A with the senior H-Back where Reese reveals, among other things, who among his Beav teammates could most use some fashion help.

BF.C: Do you have a favorite football moment of your own?
John Reese: I think going to Hawaii my freshman year. I didn't play, but that overall experience was amazing. Amazing place, amazing hotel, amazing game.


BF.C: Did you go surfing while you were there?
Reese: We went snorkeling, got to swim with the fishes, watch a couple teammates drown--they didn't really drown, they were just scared of was pretty funny watching them squirm.


BF.C: Who is the sharpest dressed guy on the team?
Reese: Well, Victor Butler left, so we don't have any sharp dressers anymore. Who's trying to be? James Rodgers. He's trying to be, but it's not working for him.


BF.C: Who among your teammates could most use some tips from the Fashion People on Bravo?
Reese: Ryan McCants, Jovan Stevenson and Taylor Henry -- Definitely, Taylor Henry.


BF.C: What is your favorite football movie?
Reese: Wildcats! Not a lot of people know about Wildcats. Wesley Snipes is in that movie, it's an old classic.


BF.C: If you were to compare yourself to an NFL player, who would that be?
Reese: The (tight end) from the (Dallas) Cowboys, Martellus Bennett.


BF.C: If you could have three people over for dinner, whomever you want, who would be coming to eat?
Reese: Chad OchoCinco, Jim Carrey, Barack Obama.


BF.C: Who is your favorite Beaver, past or present?
Reese: I have a lot of favorite Beavers. 'Al Vicious' is one, (Al Afalava), but I would have to go with Matt Sieverson. He was a walk-on running back, didn't play until his senior year, started in the 2007 Civil War, scored his first touchdown and helped us win the game.


BF.C: If OSU didn't have a football program, what school do you think you would have gone to?
Reese: I would have gone to UCLA, stayed at home and the campus is cool. I have a cousin that played football at UCLA, so I would have continued the family tradition.

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