SPRING: What we've learned - Week 3

THE OFFENSE started to come together in Week 3. Why? Several reasons, the biggest of which is perhaps that Ryan Katz and James Rodgers have started to develop a rapport. Meanwhile, Taylor Henry is looking at adding size without sacrificing speed, Ryan McCants is bursting through the hole and the o-line remains a work in process, and at high volume.

THE RODGERS BROTHERS ARE NASTY. During Monday's practice James and Jacquizz both had downright filthy moves in the open field. After catching a pass near the sidelines James stopped, froze safety Cameron Collins, and slipped towards the middle of the field untouched as the Collins clumsily stumbled almost falling over. Jacquizz did a similar move twice later in practice drawing hoots from the offensive players and onlookers each time.

THERE'S NO ROOM FOR ERROR - EVEN IN THE SPRING. Although the season is five months away offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh isn't going easy on his lineman. Senior Ryan Pohl started out Friday's scrimmage with the first team, but was quickly replaced by sophomore Burke Ellis for the rest of the session after blowing several blocks.

JAMES RODGERS IS STARTING TO DEVELOP A RAPPORT WITH RYAN KATZ. At every practice this week Katz found Rodgers for six - that's a very, very good sign.

LIFE MOVES ON. Longtime Beaver supporter Al Reser passed away this week. The football team will where a patch on their uniforms this season in honor of him.

THE OFFENSE IS STARTING TO CLICK. Friday's scrimmage centered around the redzone as the offense started with the ball at the 25-yard line. Katz led the first unit to six touchdowns, four passing, which is exciting, but also a wake up call for the defense. Last year the Beaver defense ranked ninth in the Pac-10 in red zone defense allowing teams to score 88.4 percent of the time.

TAYLOR HENRY IS BULKING UP. The coaches love his speed, but want him to add some beef to his body so he can defend the run better. Currently he sits at 240 pounds - the coaches want him in the 255 range. “The trainers have me on a (healthy) diet, and I’ve been gaining weight,’’ Henry told The Oregonian.

RYAN McCANTS CONTINUES TO RUN HARD. For the second consecutive week McCants ran the ball with authority as he looks to push Jovan Stevenson for the backup role. During Friday's redzone session he scored three times on the ground. “He ran with some abandon and he got tougher as the day went on." coach Mike Riley said. "That was a good sign.’’

EVEN OREGON STATE ISN'T IMMUNE TO FOOLISHNESS. Defensive end John Braun was cited by the Corvallis Police for hosting a party for minors while offensive lineman Tyler Thomas was cited for being a minor in possession as he used a fake ID to get into a bar in Corvallis. “We are dealing with that internally,” Riley told the Gazette Times. “I’ve spoken with them. I don’t know yet about any team ramifications. They have been disciplined at this point, but no suspension has been issued at this point.”

KATZ CAN MOVE. Although Katz's arm is what gets most of the publicity, it is his feet that could give the Beavers an offensive weapon that they haven't had in years - a mobile quarterback. “We rarely had it since, ever,” Riley said. “This guy is a good athlete. There’s no telling what he can do running the ball.”

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