SPRING: BF.C depth chart analysis on Offense

THERE AREN'T A ton of depth chart question marks on the offense post-spring, yet intrigue remains. To wit, the offensive guards, which could in turn influence a tackle spot, plus a battle royale at backup running back. And the position battles for split end and the No. 2 QB are intriguing as all get-out. Here's a comprehensive rundown, and the BF.C offensive two-deeps, headed into summer.

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NOTE:  Injured players are not included on the depth chart


SE 2 Markus Wheaton SO 6-0 178
  15 Darrell Catchings JR 5-11 164
  18 Geno Munoz SO 6-0 193
  86 Obum Gwacham FR 6-5 218
SUMMARY:  Catchings missed a couple of practices with pinkeye early on allowing Wheaton extra snaps. The extra time for Wheaton paid off as he grabbed the starting position halfway through camp. Catchings will play plenty, but he needs to add some muscle in the summer months.

Despite being in his first spring practice Gwacham, who will redshirt, impressed onlookers with his size and ability, but is a year or two away from contributing. Munoz is also another player who will have to wait a year before contributing significantly.

SB 23 Jordan Bishop RFR 6-3 199
  46 Aaron Nichols SR 6-0 185
  9 Kevin Walker SO 6-0 200
  21 Mitch Singler RFR 6-2 196

SUMMARY:  Bishop had the slot locked up going into spring and most assuredly has it coming out of spring practice. Nichols was awarded a scholarship early in April and had his usually solid camp.

Walker and Singler, who had a monster spring game hauling in six passes for 147 yards and three touchdowns, are another two players who are at least one year out from seeing the playing field.

LT 68 Wilder McAndrews SR 6-4 282
  72 Timi Oshinowo SR 6-6 288

SUMMARY:  With Michael Philipp out for most of the spring due to knee surgery, Oshinowo and McAndrews received a ton of extra repetitions. The great news is McAndrews performed so well the coaches are thinking about leaving him at tackle and moving Philipp to left guard.

Either way, a) Philipp will be starting this fall and b) the spring really helped develop the depth chart on the o-line, giving the Beavers some decent talent if any of the starters get injured during the season.

LG 63 Ryan Pohl SR 6-3 284
  61 Michael Lamb JR 6-3 282
  56 Tyler Thomas RFR 6-2 301

SUMMARY: Perhaps Pohl has broken through, kinda. He started the spring atop the depth chart and ended it the same way. He didn't always play with the first team though, and when Grant Johnson returns, or if Philipp is moved inside, Pohl will either raise his game or be moved down the depth chart.

Either way, in similar fashion to left tackle, Pohl and Lamb received extra snaps due to Johnson being hurt, which is beneficial for the future.

C 60 Alex Linnenkohl SR 6-2 303
  69 Joshua Andrews RFR 6-2 278
  79 Aaron Magnuson RFR 6-3 308
SUMMARY: Nothing much changed from start to end of camp at center -- although Andrews and Magnuson both had issues getting on the same page as the quarterbacks during the spring game resulting in several muffed and errant snaps, both in shotgun and up under center.
RG 74 Burke Ellis JR 6-4 280
  64 Colin Kelly SO 6-4 285
  53 Colin Lyons SO 6-3 275
  51 Michael Beaton FR 6-3 284

SUMMARY: Although Ellis and Kelly rotated with the first and second unit, it was Ellis who played primarily with the first team. But that may not matter if Philipp is moved to guard -- it could produce a trickle down effect pushing Ellis down the depth chart behind Johnson, if Pohl also remains a starter.

Once again, either way, the team has another solid, walk-on offensive lineman starting or solidifying the two-deeps. Lyons will have to wait a year before playing. True freshman Beaton will redshirt.

RT 50 Mike Remmers JR 6-4 305
  62 Geoff Garner SO 6-6 301
  71 Grant Enger RFR 6-5 256

SUMMARY: Before the start of spring practice, offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh sat down with Remmers and told him that a player's junior tape is what makes or breaks it for scouts in the NFL. Cavanaugh wants Remmers, a former walk-on, to become a dominate tackle, a player who punishes the opposition in the mold of Jeremy Perry -- and that is why the Beaver o-line coach was so harsh with the former walk-on in the spring.

That tough love might well pay huge dividends for the Beavs' running and passing games.

With McAndrews and Oshinowo stepping up, Garner was not talked about much but he, along with Oshinowo, will be the primary backups at tackle. Enger is a year out before contributing.

TE 83 Brady Camp SR 6-4 265
  82 Colby Prince SO 6-3 265

SUMMARY: You know that one player who just grinds it out every day, but doesn't get much love? That player on this year's OSU team is Camp. With great athletes in the slot, (Jordan Bishop) and at h-back, (Joe Halahuni) Camp's main responsibility is to block, but he has solid hands, too, and might be the most well rounded tight end on the team.

As the lone underclassman tight end/h-back, Prince is the future of the program - and the future looks very bright. Super athletic and with great hands, he is a great change of pace from Camp -- a potential Joe Newton type of player.

H-B 87 Joe Halahuni JR 6-2 252
  85 John Reese SR 6-3 247

SUMMARY: A pesky sprained ankle slowed down Halahuni near the end of the month, but he and Katz started to develop a nice relationship this spring. The same can be said for Reese, who could be gearing up for a great year after redshirting in 2009.

Both are very potent offensive weapons with big play potential.

Halahuni caught several teams unawares last season with big receiving Saturdays. That is no longer the case, and he'll have to work harder for everything he gets from opposing defenses.

QB 12 Ryan Katz RFR 6-1 209
  7 Cody Vaz RFR 6-0 200
  17 Peter Lalich JR 6-4 222
  14 Jack Lomax SO 6-2 175

SUMMARY: The coaches aren't making anything official, but anyone who has watch practice knows Katz is clearly the No. 1 quarterback. The most interesting development is the battle for number two which is currently being slugged out by Lalich and Vaz, and the redshirt freshman looked to be winning as spring came to a close.

The two started to share snaps with the second team during Week 4 of spring drills.

RB 1 Jacquizz Rodgers JR 5-7 188
  19 Jovan Stevenson SO 5-11 183
  24 Ryan McCants JR 6-1 228
  34 Jordan Jenkins SO 6-1 211

SUMMARY: Perhaps the most improved unit from the start to the end of spring is the running backs. Riley hinted that the running backs could each have specific roles this season and that is what has happened. Stevenson will be used for passing plays, McCants and Jenkins for short yardage plays and Rodgers for everything.

That's good, but the coaches want the backups to develop all of their skills so teams can't predict what the offense is going to run based on the personnel in the game.

One thing is for sure though - expect to see a lot more two back sets in 2010.

FB 33 Will Darkins JR 6-1 230
  42 Clayton York SO 6-0 223
  36 Dylan Parsons RFR 5-9 202

SUMMARY: Maybe I spoke too soon about the player that grinds it out and doesn't get the spotlight. Darkins definitely fits that mold and because he just blocks he rarely gets any love. His toughness not only helps Quizz, but also Katz when he rolls out or decides to tuck it and run.

FL 8 James Rodgers SR 5-7 188
  81 Micah Hatfield RFR 6-0 162
  40 Garett Hall RFR 5-8 198
  84 Kevin Cummings FR 6-0 168

SUMMARY: It probably doesn't really matter who lines up under center, Rodgers would transition into a healthy relationship with anyone, but it was still good to see the Rodgers-Katz connection often - especially when stretching the field.

The rest of the players - Hatfield, Hall and Cummings - will all have to wait at least another year for significant playing time with Rodgers up front and Catchings backing up both the split end and flanker.

Hatfield needs to add some weight and Cummings will redshirt. redshirt.

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