ROUNDUP: Vaz in at No. 2 QB, Lalich off team

CODY VAZ WAS already making a strong push to be the Beavers' No. 2 QB behind starter Ryan Katz this spring. With Peter Lalich no longer on the team, as Mike Riley announced today, Vaz assumes Oregon State's backup quarterback role headed into the summer months and fall camp.

Peter Lalich's playing career with OSU is over, said Mike Riley on Thursday.

"I basically came to the conclusion that what we have in place here, and what we're trying to do here, that it wasn't going to work here," said Riley. "When I came to that conclusion, then I talked to him about it...Did the past enter into it? Not really. I think Pete.. had a rough start here but when he put his mind to it he did a lot of good work -- both in school and in the weight room and really tried to do whatever he could to, basically, change."

LALICH WAS AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED for three games by Riley after being cited for a boating DUI. That made it difficult, said Riley, for Lalich, a junior, to compete for the starting job over this coming year and on into his future.

"I talked to him about (the three game suspension) and because of the position he plays, and the position he's in with competition, it will be very difficult for him with the amount of time we're given to get ready for the season, it would be very difficult for him to continue his competition at quarterback and limit his opportunities," said Riley. "So it basically came to a point that it's going to be very difficult for him to play here, to compete and play here. So he will not be on our team this year, he will not be on scholarship.

"He's in the middle of making a decision...he may stay here and continue his education and finish. He is gathering information about schools that are interested in talking to him about being part of their program...He's been given a blanket release."

RILEY WENT ON to say he thought long and hard about the decision and took an extra week before deciding to make an announcement Thursday. He said there was not a need to wait for the charge to work its way through the courts, saying he feels he has a solid understanding of the boating DUI incident.

To play immediately, Riley said Lalich would have to transfer to D-III and if he sat out a year, he could play at 1-AA or D-II.

"I hate it. I don't like this situation. Initially, with the research we had, the information we had...I became very optimistic and happy about giving this guy another opportunity. When it doesn't work, it's disappointing. But like I told him, it also does not have to be a life sentence. You take what's given and try to find the next best avenue," said Riley.

REDSHIRT FRESHMAN Cody Vaz is now officially the No. 2 though Riley said things were trending that way coming out of spring ball, with Jack Lomax in at No. 3.

"I thought both had very good springs. Cody Vaz was definitely competing hard to be the No. 2 quarterback, anyway...And Jack is a good quarterback. He has to have a good summer in getting stronger, his physical development is very important, but he can quarterback," said Riley. The Beavs are young at the QB position. All three -- Ryan Katz, Vaz and Lomax will be either sophomores or freshmen.

  • Riley said there is no additional roster attrition beyond what's already been reported this offseason and with Lalich on Thursday. As it stands today, the Beavers have 85 scholarship players, including the incoming recruiting class, scheduled to join the team in August.

  • Two of the incoming recruits have work to do yet, Riley said, in the classroom. If any spots were to open, Riley said one scholarship might go to one of the current walk-ons, another could be used in bringing in a signee the Beavs had previously planned to grayshirt. He did not name either the walk-on or grayshirt.

  • DT Brennan Olander will be "good to go" for OSU's fall camp (begins Aug. 8) as long as he completes his 65 hours of court-ordered community service by then. "I don't know how best to say this," said Riley. "The deal with the bike, it was not very smart. His intent was not stealing it to make money or re-sell it. And then the golf cart deal, he jumps on the back of the cart. Again, not a good decision. But the intent on that whole thing was not anything that was "stealing". You don't steal something and then park it in front of your apartment...Not real smart. Not the kind of choices we want our players to make, but with no real criminal intent."

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