'Zona o-lineman cuts list to seven

HE'S RANKED AMONG the top ten of offensive guards in the nation by Scout.com. Now, Scottsdale (Az.) Chaparral's Andre Yruretagoyena has cut his list to seven. Did the Beavs make the cut?

Andre Yruretagoyena breaks down his top seven schools with Scout.com. Here they are in alpabetical order:

Arizona: I didn't know if I wanted to stay close to home at first but I feel like it's far enough from home. The coaches are extremely excited about me. They can see me playing defense too which is a huge plus, because I love defense. Coach Bedenbaugh and I are pretty close, along with Coach Kish. We talk a lot and they recruit me hard.

Arkansas: Coach K is the man, we've talked a bunch and I like how he coaches. He has put 14 guys in the NFL and seems like my type of coach. Arkansas is in the hardest conference in the country. Although it's far from home I know football is a religion down there and I would get a great opportunity to play there. The university is in a town that is all about football, the facilities are insane, and they're doing great things over there.

Michigan: Coach Dews and I have a pretty good relationship. Taylor and I have become really close and I like how things are looking up there. Craig is also up there, so getting used to being so far from home wouldn't be that hard because I would have their help. The offense is the same thing we have at Chaparral but the names of plays and formations are different. So it would be an EXTREMELY easy adjustment for me to go play there. I really like Coach Fray too, he's a funny guy and he's energetic. I've seen what he has done with Taylor and I am impressed. Taylor was already really good, but over the last two years he has worked hard and the results are paying off.

Oregon: Growing up, I lived in Vancouver, Washington. So I have always been close to Oregon. My dad just recently moved to Portland which is 20 minutes from Vancouver and I love the area. The weather, people, and school are all amazing. Oregon is doing great things with their program and Coach Greatwood is extremely good at what he does. The jerseys may be cool, but I like Oregon for many different reasons. As I said, my dad is there. My little brother who is now 1 year old is there with him and my step-mom. I want him to be apart of my life since I already missed to first year. Eugene is a great college town as well. There aren't a lot of negatives about Oregon. Regardless of what has happened with the players, I am not one of those people, nor will I ever be. So the law will never be a problem if I end up going there.

Oregon State: Coach Cavanaugh is one of the best, if not the best offensive line coach in college. He is a hard coach that will push me to be my best. He is the type of coach I really want and is similar to the one I have now. He will chew me out if I do something wrong, and praise me when I do something right. He is a straight shooter as well, no BS ever comes out of his mouth when we talk. OSU is the best kept secret in the Pac-10(soon to be 16), They run the hell out of the ball which is what I love doing, but at the same time they pass a lot as well. The prostyle offense will get me ready for the next level and I have the utmost respect for Coach Cav. I know he will get me where I need to be if I go there. Although it isn't the most exciting town, Corvalis is a great place to be. OSU's coaches also have their jobs guaranteed and then some for the next 10 years or so, so stability is a great thing in the program.

USC: I unofficially visited and absolutely loved it. Keep in mind this is when school is out, and it isn't football season. California is an amazing place. I love the weather, the beach, the people, and the football. USC is a school you either love, or you hate. I am one who loves it. The ban, yeah it sucks but it'll have no affect on me. The two years are my senior year in highschool, and my redshirt year. Coach Barry and I talk almost daily, he's a great coach and he is very honest with me. We have a very close relationship and I felt welcomed when I visited the campus. Coach Cregg, I don't know where to get started with him. He's a big, young coach and he's full of energy. He loves smash mouth football and so do I. I fit in great with the system they run. He's also a funny guy but his passion is football. We too have talked a lot and I have a lot of respect for the coaching staff at USC. The new facilities are being built and I am excited to see it when it's done. They have recruited me harder than any school, and I have a chance to play very early if I choose to go here. There are also a few Arizona players who are there now, and they love it. I have also talked to Giovanni Di Paolo a lot, he's a good person and I see him as someone I'd love to play with.

Washington: I used to live up there. The campus is among the finest, one of the best universities in the world, the people and coaches are great. I love the area, Coach Cozetto is a great guy and he is passionate about what he does. The program is on the rise for sure and I like where it is going. Udub is an amazing place and I look forward to getting up to Seattle to see what it is like. I have a close friend who also is involved with the school and she has told me nothing but great things about it. I really like the offense they run too, I see myself fitting into it with ease.

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