Carolina on Beavers' mind

THIS ONE, IT seems safe to say, will (hopefully for Beaver fans) fall into the unearthed gem category. Chris Lampkins is a track guy. And he's very fast. But he also has excellent hands. Oregon State saw enough that they offered him while he was in Corvallis for the Beavs' camp, and he jumped on it immediately.

Chris Lampkins (6-2, 172) immediately jumped on his first offer according to the Corvallis Gazette Times and ESPN. Lampkins sounds like he might be a little raw, but with a good football base that can be developed.

"He's a track guy," coach Otis Yelverton told the Corvallis G-T. "He's a 300 intermediate hurdler. He finished first in the state and 21st in nationals out of 45 kids. He has exceptional speed and he had great hands."

Playing wide receiver is of course about much more than great speed -- many an ultra-fast track and field star has failed to make an impact on the gridiron. And it's about more than great hands -- many a player has had great hands but cannot get consistently open.

Playing wide receiver is also about blocking -- the difference in Jacquizz Rodgers going for six yards, or 26, is often determined by whether that block by the receiver was executed.

Clearly, Oregon State's coaching staff saw more than enough to believe Lampkins is that kind of guy. If they had just liked him, they would have just continued to recruit him. But the immediate offer showed they loved his work out there on the turf, and he wasted no time in going black and orange.

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