Les Schwab Bowl: A detailed account

HILLSBORO--Want details on the 63nd annual Les Schwab Bowl, the premier 6A/5A Oregon high school all-star game, that took place this weekend? Lots of details? Details you simply can't find anywhere else? You're in the right place. Here's a first hand blow-by-blow account, with a focus on the future Beavers participating -- LB Michael Bibbee, WR Will Storey, DT Joe Lopez and OT Derek Nielson.

40 minutes before kickoff:  $8 to get in - same as last year, not too shabby.

38 minutes before kickoff:  Both teams are out on the field warming up. DT Joe Lopez (#56) and WR Will Storey (#17) are suited up for the North while OT Derek Nielson and LB Michael Bibbee (#23) have the white uniforms of the South on.

31 minutes before kickoff:  For those that don't know Joe Lopez is from Central Catholic and Derek Nielson is from Sheldon - both plan on walking on at Oregon State this fall. Lopez earned first team all-league honors as a defensive lineman last year while Nielson earned first team all-state honors as a offensive guard.

27 minutes before kickoff:  Dang! UCLA bound Owamagbe Odighizuwa (seen below) looks good and he has a Beaver sticker (from Beaverton High) on his helmet! The best all around lineman on the field. The Beavers could have really used him in Corvallis for the next four years.

25 minutes before kickoff:  Lopez is definitely undersized for a defensive tackle. It will be interesting to see how he performs. Nielson passes the eyeball test - when you think of a walk-on offensive lineman at Oregon State Nielson definitely fits that mold.

17 minutes before kickoff:  Jeez. This referee is really working his moves on the sidelines practicing the side run with proper breathing - over and over and over. His fellow referees are huddled in a circle 10 yards away mocking him.

15 minutes before kickoff:  Bibbee looks really well built. Definitely one of the bigger linebackers on the field. He still has plenty of room to grow. He is lining up at outside linebacker in drills.

10 minutes before kickoff:  Unlike last year there is more green and yellow in the stands than orange and black.

5 minutes before kickoff:  Former University of Oregon quarterback and current Pittsburgh Steeler Dennis Dixon along with Oregonian and current San Francisco 49er Patrick Stoudamire are honorary captains for the coin flip.

1 minute before kickoff:  I realized this is going to be vastly different from last year as the Beavers don't have a recruit who will touch the ball almost every play. I hope Storey has a big game.



15:00: Bibbee returns the kickoff six yards to the 35. Storey, who also played quarterback at Lake Oswego, is helping the quarterbacks warm up their arms while he works his.

14:19:  Just like that the South scores. Sheldon QB Jordan Johnson looking really good throwing on the run as he finds Sheldon teammate John Campbell for the score.

14:16: Bibbee records his first tackle of the day on the kickoff. He doesn't move real fast, but has a nose for the ball.

14:16:  Storey lines up in the slot. On the first play for the North he takes the fly sweep, drops back and bombs a pass down field. It is underthrown, but the South defenders are called for pass interference.

11:27:  Storey gets free in the endzone, but the quarterback is running for his life and doesn't see him.

9:37: The South gets the ball back and Johnson finds Campbell for a 77-yard touchdown pass to put the South up 14-0. Another superb throw by Johnson on the run. 

9:31: Bibbee once again in on the tackle on the kickoff.

9:07:  The North running back fumbles the ball but Storey recovers it for a one yard gain.

7:52:  Bibbee makes another tackle on a running back, but not before the North gets a first down.

6:33: Lopez slips past his defender to wrap up the running back for a six yard loss.

4:25:  Grant's Kenneth Acker makes a leaping catch in the middle of the field and slips several tackles as he puts the North's first points on the board with a 61-yard touchdown reception.

3:30:  Nielson is doing a nice job of blocking. He blocks until the whistle is blown. I can see why he is going to be a preferred walk on.

1:14: Bibbee (in white) and Storey (in blue) are lining up on the same side of the field. Bibbee mostly drops back into coverage and guards Storey sometimes. No big collisions yet though.



13:05: Bibbee makes another solid tackle. When be hits someone, they definitely feel it.

12:40: Storey gets open in the corner of the endzone, but the ball is batted down by a linebacker.

11:47: A pass is underthrown to Storey on the sideline, plus the Lake Oswego High player slipped.

10:55: Nielson pulls and looks smooth doing it, but misses his block coming around the corner which results in his quarterback getting hit pretty good.

10:17: Owamagbe Odighizuwa burns Nielson off the edge and drills the quarterback on third down.

10:15: Bibbee playing middle linebacker now

7:26: Lopez and Storey combine for a tackle on a kickoff

5:49: Lopez (in gold helmet below alongside Odighizuwa) stops the running back for no gain. He's small, but tenacious.

1:49: Storey scoops a kickoff off of the ground, but is immediately tackled

:30: A 15-yard completion to Storey across the middle of the field is wiped away as the quarterback was beyond the line of scrimmage.

:16: Storey once again gets behind the secondary, but the quarterback has too much pressure to notice.



15:00: No future Beavers start the second half on either side of the field

5:50: Storey is overthrown on a deep out

4:55: Storey finally gains positive yards as he gets five on a bubble screen

2:25: Storey gets open near sidelines, but gets overthrown again. One can tell he is getting frustrated as he angrily unlatches his chin strap.



12:46: Lopez knocks the ball loose from the quarterback but the South retains possession.

11:13: Storey with a 10-yard reception in the middle of the field.

10:28: On third down Bibbee makes a nice open field tackle on a scrambling quarterback.

8:04: Storey thinks he gets held up in the middle of the field and wants a flag. He raises his arms in the air several times.

00: South wins 35-13

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