BF.C OFFER TABLES: A bull market

IT WASN'T ALL that long ago Oregon State had about 48 known scholarship offers out total. Now, here in early July, they've extended 48 just on offense alone.

Oregon State has 48 known offers out on the offensive side of the ball, with 38 extended to defensive prospects.

The known offers here in early-July is believed to be a program high for this time of year.

OFFENSIVELY, THE LINE CONTINUES to lead the way, with 19 offers to offensive tackles and guards.

Wide receiver remains a key position of focus this class, with 13 full rides offered.

ON DEFENSE, IT'S also about the big bodies up front -- with 14 players listed by as defensive ends holding a known Beaver offer, and another nine at defensive tackle.

Although Oregon State has been picking up known verbal commitments right and left in the 2011 class, none have yet come from a d-lineman.

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BF.C Offer Table -- OFFENSE
BF.C Offer Table -- DEFENSE

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