Akuna talks Corvallis arrival, Crichton, more

SHAYDON AKUNA, labeled the hardest hitting 2010 prospect in Hawaii by Scout.com, has drawn plenty of interest from Beaver fans this offseason, eagerly awaiting his arrival to Oregon State. Now, with the early-start summer bridge program at OSU getting under way, has Akuna made his way to Corvallis? How about another hard-hitting, highly thought-of signee, Scott Crichton? Akuna had this to say..

Indeed, they have.

"I just love this place," Akuna told BF.C a few minutes ago from Corvallis. "The people are so respectful, so nice. This place is just beautiful."

Akuna didn't come alone, his family is with him. And Akuna isn't the only one to have fallen in love with Oregon State and the Willamette Valley.

"I came here on Saturday morning. I've been just driving around with my family, seeing what there is to do in Corvallis... My family, actually, they're thinking of moving up here! It's so nice up here. I love it," said Akuna.

AKUNA SAID HE has his living quarters and roommate all squared away -- he's living with another prized defender from the 2010 OSU class, a defensive end Beaver fans have also been anxious to see when he arrived.

"I'm rooming with Scott Crichton, from Washington. I've been hanging out with him so far, and he's a good guy," said Akuna.

AKUNA SAID he's anxious to begin his OSU career on both the field and in the classroom. Once a freshman is enrolled and starts taking classes, he also becomes eligible to join offseason voluntary workouts with the team.

"I just took the assessment, like a placement test. So I think we start classes in two more days, they've just been showing us around so far," said Akuna.

AKUNA WAS ON his way out the door and didn't have time to specifically confirm every name on the 2010 commit list, whether they were in Corvallis or not, for either the bridge program or early enrollment for JC players, but he did offer some overall insight.

"I think there's like 17 scholarship football players here, going through the bridge program. I guess they made our own group, like all scholarship football players, and we'll start going to our classes all together," said Akuna.

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