Beavs post noteworthy gains

THOSE PROGRAM RECORD 84 players Mike Riley talked about, the ones who stayed in Corvallis this summer for the Beavs' voluntary workouts? They look to have spent their time productively. Here are a few of the more notable weight changes from last year to this year as the Beavers prepare to open fall camp on Monday, August 9.

Based on the final official game week release of last year, and the official roster that was released this week, Grant Enger posted the largest gain, 29 pounds.

A 6-5 offensive lineman has more room to add mass, however, and although it's less poundage, the gains made by players like LB Rueben Robinson, who has added 16 pounds to his 6-foot-1 frame, and DT Kevin Frahm (6-2), who added 16 pounds, should not go unnoticed.

Nor should DE Taylor Henry, who has added 21 pounds to his 6-1 frame.

Or WR Markus Wheaton, who is listed 14 pounds heavier than he was on last season's roster. QB Cody Vaz is up 19 pounds from last year.

Among the redshirting young guns of last year, notable listings include QB Jack Lomax and WR Micah Hatfield. Both arrived at Oregon State needing to bulk up for the rigors of Pac-10 play. Hatfield (6-0) has added 12 pounds while Lomax (6-2) has packed on 13 pounds.

Indeed, 22 of the Beavers who returned this season have tacked on 10 pounds or more..

John Braun went from 240 to 265
Keo Camat went from 226 to 238
Cameron Collins went from 220 to 230
Dax Dilbeck went from 193 to 203
Burke Ellis went from 268 to 285
Grant Enger went from 231 to 260
Kevin Frahm went from 259 to 275
Micah Hatfield went from 154 to 162
Taylor Henry went from 228 to 249
Josh LaGrone went from 190 to 200
Jack Lomax went from 162 to 175
Castro Masaniai went from 296 to 311
Gabe Miller from went from 239 to 257
Ben Motter went from 271 to 288
Stephen Paea went from 285 to 311
Keith Pankey went from 222 to 231
Marcus Perry went from 221 to 239
Jordan Poyer went from 181 to 189
Colby Prince went from 248 to 265
John Reese went from 240 to 247
Mike Remmers went from 299 to 305
Rashaad Reynolds went from 165 to 180
Rueben Robinson went from 209 to 225
Zeke Sanders went from 196 to 212
Tyler Thomas went from 290 to 301
Kevin Unga went from 223 to 230
Cody Vaz went from 181 to 200
Markus Wheaton went from 167 to 181

To see a complete listing of hts/wts from OSU, click here .

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