BF.C contest makes winners of many

IT SEEMED SIMPLE enough at the time -- hold a contest for the top TV set up out there among BF.C readers watching Oregon State on Saturdays. And give away a couple of limited edition plush mini-mascot Beavers to the best one. But see, the things was, there turned out to be so many great set-ups.

And so we gave away a lot more of the no-longer-produced Beaver mascots than we had originally planned.

One of the set-ups we were struck by was sent in by Dave and Kat Clark.

They were adamant about noting they go to every Beaver game, but then watch them again after arriving home.

As for their set-up, just your typical 8 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet high projection screen. Full 7 channel surround. A soundproofed theater room, made that way by off-centering the studs in the walls and adding noise filtering material.

And all painted in the appropriate black and orange.

And they record through the computer and transfer the games to DVD for future viewing.

Another BF.C reader had the requisite big screen, HD, etc., but he also had a waterfall just off the patio that was in view.

On the waterfall, a statuary of two Beavers, poised and appearing to watch the game.

How do you resist the urge to send him a mini-mascot, too? The answer, we found, was that you don't.

Other set-ups included the BeavFan who had a black and orange floor, a 60-inch HD and bigger than life size action shots on the walls from Beaver games from the '60s. He also said his blood was orange.

Alas, we're still waiting for pictures from him, we really wanted to see that wallpaper, but he should have received his prize in the mail by now, too.

A BF.C reader in Florida clears everything on his schedule on Saturdays, grabs his flags and other Beaver items, plus some food and drink, and often sets up shop at his computer. He's been religiously following Oregon State since 1966, each and every way he can.

A "man cave" was how another winner described his set up to us, complete with big screen, HD, DVR and couches. Lots and lots of couches.

Another BeavFan in Colorado had the HD, the DVR, the Lazy Boy and surround sound. He makes his own hot wings and franks, accompanied by a stout ale or two. And then he grabs the phone at halftime, and after the game, to talk to his dad -- also an alum -- and discusses the game in detail.

An involved melding between TV and computer was sent in by another BF.C reader. He had the LCD TV, surround, sports pack and DVR. But he also had everything hooked through his Wii, XBox and PS3. Pre-game, he usually plays as the Beavers against whoever they were facing.

We received many more great submissions beyong those listed above, more than we can list here, and sent out far more mini-mascot Beavs than we had planned. Congratulations to all who participated!

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