MUST READ: Day 7 PM session, Insights Galore

CORVALLIS -- The second practice of the day saw WRs James Rodgers and Aaron Nichols sit out as well as corner Sean Martin. However, those absences presented as opportunities for players such as Micah Hatfield, Obum Gwacham and once again, Markus Wheaton. Jordan Jenkins looked great, Ryan Katz had an off night, and James Dockery stepped up his coverage and the defense as a whole won the battle.


Defensively, the Beavers were flying around the ball Monday night, particularly in the defensive backfield.

James Dockery was sticking Jordan Bishop all night -- there was not one possession where Dockery didn't guard Bishop.

In fact, the two were going at it so heavily that towards the end of the night Bishop had had enough of Dockery and a minor scuffle ensued between the two. It was quickly broken up.

Also getting a significant amount of playing time with the 2s and the 3s was sophomore cornerback Keynan Parker.

Parker, you may remember, had a so-so showing in spring drills, but he seems to have earned his way back onto the field.

Senior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei and junior Cameron Collins were alternating between the 1s and 2s, and sophomore Anthony Watkins was the benefactor -- he jumped up to play mostly with the second unit.

ON THE DEFENSIVE line, Kevin Frahm filled in with the 1s for Stephen Paea (sore knee), who didn't practice this morning. Frahm, who usually plays the RT position, had no trouble adjusting to the left d-tackle spot.

Numerous times, Frahm was seen causing mayhem and clogging up the middle. Along with Olander, the two were in Ryan Katz' and Cody Vaz's faces all night.

With Paea out and Frahm taking his place, both Evan Hull and Ben Motter were playing with the 2s.

Another good note for the defense tonight -- senior linebacker Keith Pankey returned and participated in all scrimmages. No sign of any limping either.

With Pankey playing, senior Keo Camat and sophomore Uani Unga both got a chance to play with the 2s and 3s. At times though, both could be seen playing together with the 2s.


The Defensive Depth Chart from Monday night's practice:

LE: Gabe Miller, Andrew Seumalo, Mana Rosa

LT: Kevin Frahm, Evan Hull, Ben Motter

RT: Brennan Olander, Nathan Hannah, Evan Hull

RE: Taylor Henry, John Braun, Mitchell Hunt

SAM LB: Keith Pankey, Uani Unga, Keo Camat

MLB: Tony Wilson, Feti Unga, Walker Vave

WILL LB: Dwight Roberson, Zane Norris, Michael Doctor

LCB: James Dockery, Jordan Poyer

Safety: Lance Mitchelll, Josh LaGrone, Dax Dilbeck

Safety: Suaesi Tuimaunei, Cameron Collins, Anthony Watkins

RCB: Brandon Hardin, Rashaad Reynolds, Keynan Parker


OFFENSIVELY, WITH James Rodgers and Aaron Nichols sitting out, it was a time for a lot of backup wideouts to display their abilities, and that's just what some of them did.

Filling in at Rodgers' spot was sophomore Markus Wheaton. Wheaton, having an incredible camp thus far, showed that he has the ability to potentially be the No. 1 once James graduates. Indeed, he was again catching almost everything thrown his way.

Two catches stood out in particular, one was an out route that Katz overthrew, but Wheaton jumped up, grabbed it and landed on his back. The other was Wheaton burning Poyer deep. Katz hit him perfectly in stride for a 55-yard touchdown.

FILLING THE VOID at Wheaton's spot and playing with the 1s was true freshman Kevin Cummings.

Cummings speed helped him out on a couple different routes, and overall he looked comfortable out there. The only issue was his hands. He dropped four balls, and wasn't thrown to much after No. 4.

Also showing positive signs at wide receiver was redshirt freshman Micah Hatfield. Hatfield's 6-0, 162 pound frame didn't stop him from running precise routes and catching everything thrown at him, a great sign for Mike Riley and offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf. He played mostly with the 2s, but also saw some action with the 1s.

ANOTHER BIG NIGHT for recently put on scholarship sophomore Jordan Jenkins, as he received a majority of the snaps with the 2s. Ryan McCants was mostly with the 3s.

Jenkins ran some nice routes and made a lot of smart and precise cuts on a number of defenders, including one where he cutback on safety Josh LaGrone. That one got some "ohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd.

This battle for the number two spot backing up Quizz has certainly been something to keep an eye on these last two practices. However, it could all change up again if Jovan Stevenson returns from injury, though season ending surgery remains a possibility there.

THE OFFENSIVE LINE, frankly, played mediocre on Monday night -- certainly not up to its usual standards.

With Frahm, Olander and Henry getting good penetration, the o-line just seemed off. It may have been attributed to the fact that Wilder McAndrews continued to get most of the snaps with the 1s over sophomore Michael Philipp. The true soph has been playing with the 2s for a few days now, though most don't expect him to stay there long.

ALL WAS WELL with the tight end position on the night -- Joe Halahuni, Brady Camp, John Reese and Colby Prince each looked good and made plays.

Halahuni in particular made some difficult catches in traffic and his backup, Reese, showed some flashes of true athletic ability.

QUARTERBACK PLAY WAS probably the most disappointing position on the evening session.

Katz just never seemed to have it going. There were a few throws that looked like the Katz everyone wants to see, but overall he struggled. In fact, after a third errant throw, Langsdorf voiced his displeasure.

A QB is going to have some of those practices and this one was truly a night for Katz to forget. Vaz, on the other hand, looked solid. He didn't make any bad decisions, and he didn't seemed rushed when throwing -- even when the pressure was being put on.


The Offensive depth chart for Monday night:

Split End: Kevin Cummings, Micah Hatfield

Slotback: Jordan Bishop, Kevan Walker

LT: Wilder McAndrews, Michael Philipp, TimiOshinowo

LG: Grant Johnson, Michael Lamb, Ryan Pohl

C: Alex Linnenkohl, Joshua Andrews

RG: Burke Ellis, Colin Kelly

RT: Mike Remmers, Geoff Garner

TE: Brady Camp, Colby Prince

H-Back: Joe Halahuni, John Reese

QB: Ryan Katz, Cody Vaz, Jack Lomax

Tailback: Jacquizz Rodgers, Jordan Jenkins, Ryan McCants

Flanker: Markus Wheaton, Micah Hatfield

Fullback: Will Darkins, Clayton York


Special teams started the practice off by doing kickoff routines and live punts.

It should be noted that a small competition has started between junior punter Johnny Hekker and freshman walk-on Keith Kostal. Hekker would, however, seem a virtual lock given his starting experience.


The next practice for the Beavers will be Tuesday, August 17th at 2:00 pm. Full pads will be worn. The next set of doubles will be Wednesday, August 18th, 8:30am (full pads) and 6:30pm (helmets and shoulder pads).

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