The Rundown: Portland State Vikings

I'm not even going to give this rundown a clever title. It doesn't need one. Actually this rundown doesn't even need to exist. If you thought New Mexico was bad, this one will be a lot worse. If you're a Duck fan, show up to keep the sell-out streak alive. If you're a Portland State fan; show up and watch probably the best college football team to ever call the state of Oregon home.

Either way this matchup is going to be a completely lopsided route.

One real positive for the Viking football program is they get to play a big time opponent close to home and the payday will be coming from in-state. It's always nice to see the bigger state schools use their tune up games from smaller in-state schools and not send that money across state lines.

Getting down to the football part there isn't much to say that you don't already know. The Vikings played a Pac-10 team that Oregon has owned lately (Arizona State) and lost to them 54-9. To their credit they did beat UC Davis 41-33 in their last game so they do have the ability to score points. The reality is Portland State will have a disadvantage in size, speed, depth, experience, and crowd support as this game is at Autzen Stadium.

The Ducks seem to have all the bells and whistles on both sides of the ball to make a run at both the Pac-10 and National titles. The biggest question coming into the season would be the performance of the quarterbacks. Darron Thomas being as cool as a cucumber all the way across the country in front of 102,000 screaming orange-clad fans answered the bulk of those questions. LaMichael James reiterated that he's barely human in Knoxville by ripping off one of the most impressive 72 yard runs ever witnessed.

As good as the Ducks look on the field they look even more impressive on paper averaging over 300 yards rushing per game, scoring 60 points per game, surrendering less than seven points per game, and a national ranking of fifth.

This will be the third week in a row that the majority of Duck roster will get game experience and that pays off as the season goes along and injuries and fatigue start to take their toll.

Viking Keys to Victory:
Don't turn the ball over
Don't give up explosion plays on defense and special teams
Put together long, time consuming scoring drives that result in touchdown

Duck Keys to Victory:
Protect the football
Jump on them from the start by exploiting the speed advantage
Force 3-and-outs on defense to get the offense more possessions

Prediction: Oregon 69, Portland State 0

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