No Place Like Oregon For Sumler

After verbally committing to the University of Oregon in late July, Miami (FL) Christopher Columbus four-star wide receiver Tacoi Sumler has been eager to visit Eugene officially for a Duck home game. Sumler got his wish last Saturday and came away even more impressed with what Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and his staff had to offer.

Take us through your overall experience during your official visit to Eugene?

"Pretty much I flew in Friday to Portland and I drove down to Eugene. When I got there, I met up with all the coaches and everything and had a little dinner and then I went to meetings. After that, I went out with a couple of the redshirted players. They showed me the campus and a little bit of the things that the coaches and stuff didn't show me and then we went back to the room and were just chillin' most of the time. The next day was game day and I woke up, ate breakfast with the team, was chillin' with the team for awhile, went around with the team, and then I went and toured the facilities a little bit. When it was time for the game, I watched the game, which was an exciting game and went out with the players that night. The next morning, we did most of the touring of the school, the academic center, and then we went to Hayward Field and saw the track and talked to the track coaches."

Are you planning on running track when you get to Oregon?

"Yeah. Most definitely."

What stood out to you the most during your visit?

"Well this time I got to see the dorms and I was really impressed with the dorms. I'm looking forward to staying in some of those dorms. Most importantly, because I already got the academic part of it down -- I was already pretty academically sound and ready to be going at it -- but I was really impressed with the game itself. I was waiting to get that opportunity and the stadium was loud, the student section was crazy about the game, and I loved it."

Was Autzen as loud and as crazy as you thought it would be?

"Oh yeah. On the kickoff, I could barely hear myself talk. It was crazy. I know if it's a big name team coming in there, that that thing's going to fall apart. And they're adding on to it, which is going to make it even louder and that's crazy."

Have you decided on what you want to major in once you get to Oregon?

"Oh yeah, I'm going in for business. I'm looking in to the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center and I'm pretty much gonna shoot at getting in to the business school once I get in. I'm gonna work on that sports marketing degree and just try to get that connection."

Who was your host on the visit?

"Josh Huff. He's cool and it was a good time."

You were in Eugene during the summer for an unofficial visit, but what was it like to be able to spend some more quality time with the coaching staff?

"Every time it gets better. I know me and my parents have that trust in them that they'll definitely take care of me for the next four years. It's just really important to have that connection with the coaches. Coach (Scott) Frost and coach (Chip) Kelly are like my best friends now. I just really appreciate everything that they did for me on this trip and I look forward to being with them for the next four years."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip out to Oregon?

"Yeah, my mom and my dad came."

What were your parents impression of the campus and everything else that Oregon had to offer?

"They were impressed with the campus itself and the football program and they were really impressed with the academics. My mom, you know, she's still getting over the distance thing, but except for that, they're all in for it. They know Oregon is the best fit for me and they're pretty much excited too."

Did you get a chance to interact with any of the other recruits who were in town this past weekend?

"I was talking to Jordan Williams for awhile in the academic center and he was pretty much saying that Oregon is his school. He was thinking about committing then, but he was telling me that he wanted to look at all of his other options. But for right now, he was liking Oregon too and I was happy to hear that. I was encouraging him and telling him that Oregon is the best school and he was just saying that he's got to check out his other options, but he was liking it. I got the same vibe from Avery (Walls). Avery was telling me that he was really liking it. As a matter of fact, I'm still talking to Avery. We're talking about the nights we had and we're looking forward to having those nights for the next four years. That's pretty much it. I talked to Marcus (Mariota), but he's already committed."

How would you rate the trip on a 1 to 10 scale?

"A 20. There's no better school for me. It's just the perfect fit for me and I'm really excited to get in to that school. I'm ready for high school football to be over and get ready to go to the next level."

Do you know when you're planning on arriving in Eugene for school?

"I'll probably be there in the summer. I'm still trying to work out the whole early graduation thing, but my school doesn't do it. My dad is still working on it though and you never know what happens at the end. But for right now, I'm definitely coming for summer classes."

Do you have any plans to take any more official visits to other schools?

"I don't have any scheduled right now. I know my dad wanted to see Stanford and South Carolina, but he has nothing scheduled. He was talking about after the season possibly, but we both know that I'm 100% Duck. It's just about getting there for the experience."

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