Ducks Get A Verbal From Garrick

In the world of recruiting, twists and turns are commonplace. Despite suffering two knee injuries since his junior year of high school, Castro Valley (CA) athlete Carlyle Garrick was a highly sought after player for Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and the defensive coaching staff. Garrick rewarded the Ducks' commitment to him with a commitment of his own earlier today.

Are you a verbal commitment to the University of Oregon?


How long had the Oregon coaches been in contact with you through the recruiting process?

"I would say since the end of last year is when coach (Nick) Aliotti started sending messages and calling me. He then came up to my school during May. I would say that coach Al was the main guy who was around since the end of last year."

When did the coaching staff officially offer you?

"I had a meeting with coach (Chip) Kelly and he offered me today around 11:00 am and I was with my parents and I verbally committed once he offered me today."

What were the coaches' reactions when you told them you were going to commit to them?

"I told coach Kelly and he was obviously happy. I'd say the most exciting/emotional person was coach Aliotti just because we've been talking and he's been willing to make everything work out. Coach Al told me about three or four months ago that he wanted to offer me but they weren't sure how my knee was, so now that everything was fine, me and coach Al had kind of a little emotional moment, so it was real good."

You suffered a knee injury earlier in your high school career. Talk about simultaneously juggling both your injury and the recruiting process.

"I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus halfway through the season last year. I had surgery in January and so every single school was waiting because they wanted to see my first three games of this year. Then, 5 months in to my surgery, my surgery failed, so I had a second one in August and I can't play this year either. It was kind of funny because every other school kind of dropped off and then Oregon was there calling me and talking to me a lot. Once coach Kelly offered me, I wasn't gonna look anywhere else because they've been faithful and they've been with me."

Did they pinpoint their reasons for wanting to stick with you despite your injury?

"Coach Aliotti said it was because of my personality and that I was always a 'Yes sir' this or 'yes sir" that guy. Whenever he asked me for something, I always did it. Whether it was calling him, e-mailing him, talking to their trainers or doctors...he always said it was a personality thing."

Are there any conditions as far your scholarship goes? Did they talk at all about their plans for you when you get to Oregon?

"They just said to come down there healthy in June, work hard, and whatever happens happens. He never said whether I would redshirt or sit out for a little bit or anything like that."

Talk about your official visit to Eugene for the UCLA game.

"I got to Eugene on Wednesday around noon. The first thing I did was tour the campus and I mostly saw the sports marketing side because that's what I want to major in. After that, I saw the locker room, the stadium's training room, and all that. Their facilities are crazy. I've been up to Cal and it's nothing. The facilities there were crazy and they definitely hooked me up. I ate like every two hours. I was out with Derrick Malone and we just hung out. He showed me the dorms and then after that, on Thursday, I went to a couple meetings, I talked to players -- I talked to the (line)backers -- and then I went to the game. Then Thursday night, I went out with Michael Clay and he showed me out and all that stuff. Overall the trip was great."

What was it about Oregon and your visit that made you feel it was the right place for you?

"It just felt right. It felt more like a family. They didn't just want me there to play, but they wanted me to be a part of their family and their group. And also, it wasn't just about playing. They want you to go to class and get your education first and all that. Everything that coach Kelly preaches is exactly what I believe in, so I was sold on that."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I would say I'm fast. Most people would say I'm just a bigger kid. I'm not afraid to hit, I could play anywhere from safety, linebacker, defensive end...last year I played a lot of if I had to describe myself, I'd say I'm kind of like a do-it-all player."

Have the coaches specified which position they're looking at you at?

"They actually want me to play SAM linebacker, so I'd play outside."

Is that something that you prefer, or would you prefer another position?

"I would have got some time at linebacker this year, so I've been kind of prepping (for that). I know that once I start lifting, I'm going to put on weight fast and I'm gonna get moved up closer, so (linebacker) is perfectly fine."

What offers did you have from other schools?

"The offers I had were from Cal Poly and Army. Those two scholarship got taken back after my second surgery and all the other schools I was in contact with were waiting for me to play this year, which I couldn't."

Would you consider yourself finished as far as recruiting goes, or are you still looking to take other visits?

"I'm most definitely done. I'm sold."

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